Monday, February 18, 2008

sick ward

this has been the scene at my house this past week:
last tuesday when i went to pick up carey along with his sister eden(we are watching her while her folks went away) i got a big surprise as that night-sickness had consumed them.-day 7 still coughing up a storm. so needless to say we've had sleepless nights and i'm trying so hard not to get sick cause rhodie(friend and neighbor) are driving off the hill all the way to santa clara(about 3 1/2 hour drive) to "stitches west" a knitting convention-we are just hitting the market-yeha!!!! fiber galore-i hope i have a handle on my addiction. and i get to meet a cyber friend and fellow blogger soxchik!!! i am very excited indeed-i hope i can pull myself out of my hermitess-ness-to deal with the crowds. crowds overwelm me.

at one point this week when carey was feeling better-he and liam were able to construct a small casino and play spades out in the fresh air-being that we've had lot's of sunshine-i've been airing out the house! evertime i turned around there was a hen in the house:
hi lucy!!! well- i gotta get dinner for the kids and write my next chicken cronicles article for the local paper-nothing like writing about fingering a chicken!!!!


soxchik said...

See you Friday! I'll help you deal with the crowds. We'll do some deep breathing exercises, then we'll do some mind over matter, then we'll pick our focal points. See it's sort of like birthing, but we'll get yarn and fibery stuff instead of squirmy babies! It'll be great.

Sharon said...

We've been swept with *the* sickness over here. Three of our staff required IV antibiotics. I can't remember a bug this pernicious before and hope we don't see it again. Have fun at Stitches!

Beryl said...

Shop til you drop. Stitches only comes once a year!