Thursday, February 14, 2008


happy valentine's day!!!! i made my loved ones little purple handknit hearts-i love you guys!!!!

in honor of this holiday i will show you a recent skein of merino i hand dyed and spun-totally not my colors. i'm putting it on etsy-but my neighbor/friend rhodie gets first dibs-she saw me spinning it at spinning sat. and NEEDED it !i've been super busy with commissions lately-here's a vest i'm working on:HOORAY FOR ME!!!!-now i'm not usually the bragging type-but i am patting myself on the back for this one. i have always been crochetedly challenged and have never been able to do it-didn't mix with my brain. but thanks to my friend lynn-she taught me the single and double crochet stitch and i'm embarking on an aphgan.i only have 97 squares to go!!!

i have a little tradition that i always knit myself something for st. patty's day-one of my favorite holidays-not for traditional reasons mind you but-for honoring the irish in me and a great excuse for drinking lots of beer!!!! last year i dyed some Falkland wool and spun it and knit myself a pair of socks.
this year i'm doin lace-yes-my first try besides "feather and fan." i'm doing the "forest canopy shawl" in some old stash of mine-classic elite-"evergreen"-which was spun from recycled materials.. another new exciting project for me.- i hope i get it done in time.
i almost forgot to post a picture of the cool egg collecting basket i got for free from "the" awesome yard sale- here it is :hug your loved ones!


Birdsong said...

You have been really busy! I love the little knitted hearts:) Oh, and the egg basket! Your hens have done so well keeping you in eggs all winter.

soxchik said...

I'm loving your lace. And your hearts came out great. You've been very productive!