Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the voice of reason...........damn you!

here it is 2013!!!!  welcome!!!!  it's the first new year's i've spent alone in....wait.  it is the very first new year's i've spent alone in my whole life.  oh- don't pity me.  i love alone time.  it's not often i get special "wooly"  time all to my "daisy"  self.  the boys are away on mountain bike adventure to so. cal.  check out our new '98 subaru!

unfortunately, everytime i do get "wooly" time something happens that challenges me.  i think the last time it was an eleven day power outage. this time- a touch of the stomach flu or possible food poisoning from that manhatten veggie clam chowder i made.  is it often that canned clams are bad?  but i'm enduring and pushing on.  i WILL enjoy my self damn it!!

it wasn't long after the boys left that i went freakin uber ape shit and started pulling boxes and bins out of my closet studio- i began 3 new knitting projects and a spinning project as well. not to mention winding skeins for dyeing!  i was crazed! a lunatic-practically foaming at the mouth.  running around the house knitting 5 minutes on one project, 5 minutes on another project, 5 minutes of spinning, on the phone to neighbor and fellow fiber trash girl rhodi-"quick, do have a size 13, 36 inch circular knitting- oh please oh please!!!!"  yes, score!  there's another new project--yehaa!!! 

i was acting like a meth head with a table piled high with meth!!!  totall bliss.  but then, the loud voice of reason came crashing down on me like john henry's hammer.

 that's me-the spike! rained on my parade.  damn you loud voice of reason! whisper you did not!  i came to my senses. brought back to reality-out of my fiber induced frenzy. i have many commissioned projects i need to finish first and my geysir stretch shawl is almost finished. just 6 more rows and the bind off!  it's fabulous pattern by the fabulous stephen west.  quick knit except the edging seems to be taking for-EVAR!!!!!  which makes me want to start a new project...  i think it's time to hunker down and watch "flash dance"-(it's newly added to netflix you know) and just get it done!!!

well, i've dabbled enough on this machine......i need to get me cold arse outside and feed the chickens, walk the dragon, pick up the house a bit and then settle in for a day of fibery bliss......................... oh wait one more thing.  you've got to see my new project bag i gifted to my precious self at solstice.  katie from dancing sheep made it.  check out her etsy shop!  no more disgusting plastic bright yellow grocery outlet project bags for this fiber trash girl...yes, i know the plastic bags are more trashy-esque.  but come on, let's get real.


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