Monday, January 7, 2013

and the winner is................

while the boys were away i did a bit of New Years cleaning-i know hard to believe.  i moved a stack of boxes(full of fiber no doubt)  and low and behold i found underneath something my mother would have been horrified to find.  not me-i was fascinated.  so, the other day on my facebook page i ran a little contest -who ever could guess what i found would win a prize.  wow!  that woke folks up!  people love to win things-i didn't even list the prize.  i did get a winner pretty quickly-the answer wasn't exact but close enough.  i didn't want to spoil the fun right away and tell people i had a winner-so soon.  i was getting some real good answers!  in fact they were so good i decided to add a second prize for the answer that just cracked me up-out loud. here's the list for you to enjoy.  i just cut and pasted the list- too lazy to retype-hence the caps!

"petrified lizard, a dead mouse under the sofa, dead dehydrated bird on top of a beam, an old old old Easter egg, dead snake? a roll of 100 dollar bills equal to a thousand under the kitchen sink? dog turd, cool yarn stash, dried Frog, mummified Cornish game hen, growing mushrooms,  MUMMIFIED EX BOYFRIEND- THAT HAD BEEN LIVING IN YOUR ATTIC!, AMELIA EIRHART!!!,  JIMMY HOFFA!, MOHAIR YARN WITH MOTHS IN IT!, MOUSE NEST MADE FROM MOHAIR YARN,  D.B. Cooper, a little stash of teeth that a pack-rat collected(because they were pretty),  D.B. Cooper's money? an uncashed tax refund from 2001,
grilled cheese sandwich!, yer kid's very old and dusty diaper, Cooter!!!!!, an expired yarn gift certificate,  a deer leg, that your dog brought in!, sheep pellets, mummified bat, ancient dog barf and lastly owl Pellets."  wow!  what a great list!!!  could become a great children's book someday. Aunt Betty's Cleaning Frenzy!!!

 okay-i know you all are at the edge of your seat. drum roll please!! the winner is sharon campbell!!!! 

sharon guessed "a dead mouse under the sofa"- but it is just the head of a dead mouse and it was under a box of fiber.  and i remember the night Kitzie (may she rest in peace)  brought it in the house, tortured it and chased it behind that stack of boxes. i didn't want to deal with it at 3:00am. then forgot about it.  wondered what that smell was later on.  sharon you win an original woolydaisy hand dyed skein of yarn- woowoo!!!  please email me your mailing addy!

the second prize winner goes to lee from the north coast.  the mummified ex-boyfriend that was living in the attic just had me crying-so very norman bates-just loved it.  although i loved all of the answers!!! the stash of teeth was a close one-was that lee or marzel? i did have a dog once that was always finding deer legs and wanted to bring them in the house!!!  he just couldn't understand why i wouldn't let him do that!  and yes, i do have a collection of petrified lizards and owl pellets.

and yes folks i'm a sucker for prizes too-so third prize winner is marzel for her excitement, enthusiasm  and passion for this contest. marzel-you get a skein of my hand dyed  yarn as well- and lee, yours is a surprise!

 i leave you with a couple of pics of my hand knit socks.

 more to come!!!



Laura said...

Man, I would have skinned the thing out and added it to the skull collection on my mantle. I have a nutria, one of my llama's and a jaw bone of a small canid. I also have an emu egg, the tip of a big horn sheep horn, an antler found in the sheep pasture, a buzzard primary, a house sparrow nest (with eggs), and a starling nest (also with eggs).

I'm I biologist by education, and a collector of odd things by nature...

woolydaisy said...

Laura, I saved it of course! I will probably skin it. I too have skull collection and am a collector:)

Sharon said...

That made me laugh out loud! I turned on my computer and told Ian that you had directed me to read your blog. I didn't expect a prize - Just glad I finally took a moment to check in with you. Addie is forthcoming - thanks! I'm excited.