Monday, January 14, 2013

birth of a geysir!

despite many commissions and UFOs(unfinished objects-knitter lingo)  i joined one of my favorite knitting designers, stephen west, choreoKAL in november.  it was fabulous-  for 10$  you received a month long issue of patterns-a new one each week, along with stretching videos to help with the body getting tight while knitting.  quite entertaining too!  there were bonus patterns as well!  best 10$  i ever spent.  the first pattern was the geysir stretch shawl.  one look and i knew i had to cast on immediately!!!!  i was determined to use yarn from my stash.  i had some awesome yarn i got at my LYS this summer at the annual parking lot sale.  just call me little miss thrifty!  the yarn was-get this----1$  a skein.  yes, you read that correctly.  only one freakin dollar per skein-and it called for  four skeins of worsted weight yarn.  my four dollar shawl.  skeins were originally 17$ per skein.  that would have been a 68$  shawl.  yes, major pat on the back!!!  the yarn is "knit one crochet too"  meadow silk.  a wonderful wool silk blend with nice drape.

 it took about 4 starts to get the color combo and gauge that i liked best.  worsted weight yarn on size 9 needles this is a quick satisfying project.  i finished it the first week in january. the 2nd to be exact!  amazing for me- as it takes me forever to finish projects cause i keep starting new ones!  my pattern notes are here if you want more info.

this shawl grows quickly!

i can't resist a photo shoot of this beautiful shawl- i love it so much.  bear with me!

blocking on the kitchen table

collected my breakfast and couldn't resist to add it to the photo shoot!


stephen encouraged people to look around in their environment for color inspiration and take a photo of it and then share a photo of your yarn(color) choice.  very cool to see what people came up with.  i started looking around at color combos much more than usual.  but being that i was stash busting, i didn't get to choose my colors this way.  but as i was knitting i kept thinking of a robin's nest with eggs.  after i completed the shawl i went on google images and found my photo inspiration-ha!

i have some of the robin egg yarn color left and i think i'll make a little hat to match.  too cute!


Laura said...

Yay! A FO!! And it's beautiful, and the robin's nest is a perfect hindsight inspiration. Now go finish one of those UFO's! I have a sweater for my sister that I've ripped out 5 times - I need to work on that before I start anything else, but, um, I bought 10 oz of Angora yesterday, and a hat is in me and has to come out...

woolydaisy said...

yes, i'm on it ! no new projects till i finish my commissions!!!!! i think i can, i think i can , i think i can , i think i can!!!!

Beryl Moody said...

Just discovered Stephen West. I'm on a hat knitting craze and I love some of his stuff. Your shawl is wonderful!

woolydaisy said...

Thanks beryl! I love Stephen west! Have you seen his new KAL. Some great hats!