Sunday, January 20, 2013


i decided not to have any new year's resolutions this year.  instead i have chosen 3 crafty goals to achieve.  this really excites me rather than creating a daunting  feeling of formidable failure which always looms over me when i make resolutions.
my goals:

1.  learn to knit socks in the toe up format.  i've avoided this method for years and it's time to learn a new way of doing socks-if i hate it- i can at least say i tried it and never do it again.  besides- i really want to make knee socks and this seems to be the preferrred method when it come to calf shaping etc.

2. learn to embroider!!!  i got this great book at ben franklin called "doodle-stitching"  by aimee ray

looks like a great book- i can't wait to start!  i stumbled across a blog i want to share with you-"one sheepish girl."  very inspiring- she embroiders too-click here to see her embroidery creativity!! 

3. learn to crochet for reals!! i fell in love with this hexagon blanket.  i saw it on ravelry and fogwalker(her ravelry name) used "malabrigo"  for god-sake!!!  no red heart for this girl-  it must be the softest thing ever!!!! here's her project page if you are interested. here is a picture:

now you can see why i want to learn crochet.  i really really must have one of these blankets.  

i also want to learn to quilt but i think i'll save that for next year.  i think i'll be plenty busy as it is.  damn- i have chores awaiting-i'd rather be creating........why do these things always have to get i  the way of my creativity-why oh why!

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