Wednesday, June 30, 2010

that time of year

It's that time of year again-for my annual st. John's wort gathering. i make a beautiful ruby colored oil for my hubby's joint pain. he responds well to it.

i won't go into detail today as you can see last year's post here; which tells you all about how to make your own st. john's wort oil. it's very easy to do and beneficial too!

been doing some dyeing and
lots of knitting. unfortunately no knitting pictures yet. here's a few dye updates. sock yarn!!!! everybody loves sock yarn-it's so versatile not only can you make socks but shawls, fingerless mittens, baby stuff- and so much more!

my FAVORITE is pictured below. i ended up selling it to rowan- an awesome dyer and maker of those fabulous batts everyone loves to spin!!! check her out! can't wait to see what she makes with it. i'm going to try and recreate it-unfortunately it was a mix of all sorts of dyes at the end of a dye session. we'll see if i can do it. i've been trying to think outside my usual box of colorways and made this skein-i call it 'homegrown tomatoes." what great wild pair of socks this would make!!!

i love the softness and coziness of this next skein-i'm thinking shawl here:

this next roving now belongs to the lucky Ms. Lucie- (another talented dyer and spinner) very good choice on her part. i've been drawn to these earthy browns with blues lately. must see it spun up lucie, okay? weird picture-kind of bleached out.

ugh! the kitchen is calling-need to finish some scrubbing. have a great week!

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soxchik said...

Now you must catch up with all of the beautiful dye work. Go spin!!! or knit