Tuesday, June 15, 2010

at least i'm not bored!

there is so much going on here at the wooly homestead i can't even manage a matching pair of socks.

am i losing it? well, maybe just a wee bit. to begin with, i got a new job at a local cafe. very nice that it is only 2 miles down the road- most folks have to commute to find work around here. it's been years since i've worked in a commercial kitchen. here's the evidence.

nothing like a nice oven burn to break myself back in. i have much to blog about but sadly not the time to do it. i have chicken stories, basket making and garden photos to share. i've been busy knitting, dyeing fiber and yarn for a couple of craft fairs later on this summer. plus i was commissioned to knit five baby sweaters!!! Dang- i better start busting some arse!!! hope my hands can handle it.

we did take some time last sunday to hike along the south fork of the yuba river.

the river was cold, fast and raging with all the snow melt. no swimming for us- even though the day was hot.

we've had so much spring rain that the wild flowers were still in bloom.

the sticky monkey flowers were prolific.

so were the 'woolydaisies." technically i think they are called wooly sunflowers-but i renamed them. they are one of my favorites.

the succulents always amaze me-the way they can grow out rock!

we came to the end of our trail and found some great rock art and a mother nursing her baby-so beautifully sweet right by the river.

i hope to catch up with everything real soon.



Birdsong said...

What a beautiful post! I just love place where we live.

Caprifool said...

Ouch! I so know what that oven burn feels like! Been working in kitchens for years.

I'm wondering; what's the name of that first wild flower?

Sharon said...

You have such beautiful wildflowers and also the most beautiful river in the world. I actually bought a watercolor painting of the Yuba to have a little of it here.