Saturday, July 3, 2010

let the spinning begin!

wheel oiled- check
fiber ready-check
snacks and tea- check

let the spinning begin as today is the kick off for the tour de fleece! i am a proud spinner of "team
spinderellas." today also marks the first stage of the 2010 Tour de France bicycle race. The race begins in the Netherlands and finishes in Paris on July 25th-with only two days of rest. this year's race covers a distance of 3596 km. that's a little more than 2234 miles for us americans. wow! photo credit-google images.

team spinderella, along with many other teams will be spinning fiber on spinning wheels and drop spindles on the days the guys race. there's still time to join if you want some inspiration and motivation to spin down that mountain or closet or shed full of stash you have(i know you've got it!) just go here-there are teams of all interests. sign up-there's even prizes and fiber discounts at groovy online fiber stores-not that i know anything about that!!

my goal is to spin down old stash- i dug into the deep dark depths of my closet and pulled out an array of gorgeous fiber delight-it was like my birthday or
xmas in july!!! okay-i might be be a bit over zealous- but i'd love to get thru this pile by july25th! shall we take bets?

you must remember i'm a ADD spinner- i have trouble sitting still for long periods of time so i don't just plow thru fiber like some rock star spinners i know. i'm a little bit here a little bit there kind of spinner.

i think
i'm going to start out using "henry."

he's from holland. henry was my first wheel. he's good for thick stuff. i usually use him for plying. but i want to try spinning thick and chunky again-you know- that beginner yarn you hated when you first started spinning and that was all you could do. little did you know you were creating some awesome "art yarns." seems like the more you spin the thinner your yarn becomes.

well hubby just asked me if this tour
de fleece thing was a blogging thing or a fiber thing- uh, i guess that means i should get off this machine. he's right i need to start spinning.

on an ending note- my boy still picks me flowers: I HOPE HE NEVER STOPS.


Birdsong said...

Tell Roy it's both! You have lots of good stuff to choose from, and hopefully will end up with wonderous yarns to sell, make items from, or simply pet. Nice to see that chicken guarding your flowers.

soxchik said...

Jerry asked me if the Tour de Fleece was a real thing. In my little head, it's totally real. Go spin like the wind Wooly!!!

Jenifer Kolbo said...

been a long time girl
glad to see your still bloggin away
It's jen, kens x....
hope your well.