Monday, July 5, 2010

touring the fourth

busy as usual!!!! the tour de fleece is coming along great. here's a photo of what i spun on day one and day two:

yesterday was day three. i started spinning this "funky carolina" roving while watching jane eyre:

the roving is shetland. i've never spun shetland before. i like it!!! it is believed that the vikings had something to do with the breeding of shetland sheep-

cute aren't they? i borrowed this photo from the "woolly matters" website. check out their site!!! i hope to finish spinning it tonight. then i will ply it tomorrow.

thought you might like a little tasting of what we did on the 4th of july. it is tradition that we head to D'ville for a small parade. it's so small in fact that after it has passed thru town it turns around and goes down the street again. here are just a few highlights.

smokey is always honored in the parade.

my favorite this year was the elderly woman wearing a red/white gingham dress in a wheel chair playing her fiddle with her chihuahua in her lap!

here's a close up of her fancy wheel chair detailing!

as usual, the parade ends with the fireless fireworks. they roll bubble wrap down the street so everyone can stomp on it! no fireworks here- too much fire danger!

then the family hiked the north fork and found a picnic spot-what a beautiful day!!!

we ate cheese sandwiches down by the river.

life is good:)

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Sharon said...

Yes, life is good. I show Ian your Downieville fireworks. He laughed.