Saturday, September 1, 2007

ressurections from the past

i've been waiting all week for my undyed wool roving to be delivered to my post office box- so i could have have a great weekend in color play. i went to the post office everyday-no luck. we don't have home postal service here-but we do get a free post office box at out local p.o.! UPS hates coming to my house-i guess you could say it's because of the driveway-they can get down-but not up. today after our growers market i drove to the post office to see if my box of fiber was here. they usually put a key in my box to open one of the really big boxes-reserved for packages. i was so disappointed to find this in box instead of a key. the post office was closed.

this means i have to pick it up from Bo the post master-he's only here mon. -fri. no key, no wool treats in the box-boohoo. must be too big. damn-now i have to wait till tuesday as it is a holiday weekend-blah! i really wanted to dye this weekend. i guess that won't be happening. but things weren't all that bad as i got my order from teadog earlier in the week. remember: my main dealer-hubby-he supplies me with my homebrew-well, teadog is my other dealer- andrew keeps me supplied with my other drug of choice-black tea! i decided to give some tea from wales a try as i am also of that gene pool. they had to two to choose from-so i got them both.

Liam loves the glengettie. i still prefer the lyons from ireland-golden blend. but-it is still tasty and does the job.

life has been busy getting back into the rhythm of schooling. sigh-still struggling with getting momentum. but we are easing back into it-so it's not too much of a shock.

surprise surprise-i got my august ufo ressurection project done-i am so glad to be done with my stormy sea shawl-and i will have to give it away as i no longer want to look at it-let alone wear it. this happens to me a lot. by the time i'm done with a project-i can't wear it-i'm sick of it, tired of it or loathe it-hmmmmm? what's that about? i'm excited when i start a project-but not when i'm done with it. here's eden my "bonus" daughter-carey's sister-she stays with us from time to time. she loved modeling for me.

well, i had good intentions of reading a bunch of homeschooling books to get me back in the swing of things-ha! yea right. i've settled on a different one-in fact i can't put it down." the dogs of bedlam farm" has been put under the bed for awhile. this is much more titalating:
this is an autobiography of laurie lindeen-band member of all gurl punk band "zuzu's petals"- from Minneapolis in the late 80's. she's married to paul westerberg-of "the replacements"(late) one of my all time favorite mpls bands of that era besides soul asylum and the jayhawks. i moved to mpls. from small town wisconsin in 1981 after graduating from high school to go to university of minnesota. well lets just say i majored in P-A-R-T-Y, woke up from my very sheltered middle class up bringing and managed to screw up any chance of graduating. i sure had lots of fun though and learned much about life.- dropped out of the social norm of my up bringing and became a punk. what a great time to be living in Mpls.-all the mpls. music legends being born-Prince, replacements, husker du, jayhawks, soul ayslum, run westie run, blue hippos and zuzu's petals-just to name a few. well, reading her book is a blast from my past-i know every bar,cafe, street, and many of the folks she's witing about. we ran in different circles but had very similar lives-although she became a rock star-ha! wish i had a camera from those days-i have very few pics of that era of my life. luckily i kept lot's of journals.

i will close now as family calls-i leave you with a pathetic attempt to photograph the lunar eclipse.


soxchik said...

Ahh, The Replacements. Didn't they do that Alex Chilton song? It always gets stuck in my head!

Birdsong said...

I think you got a better photo than I did; we must have been up about the same time trying. Your shawl turned out great; by the time it's cold enough to need one, you will be back in like with it.

Sharon said...

How much wool did you order???!!! The box is that big???