Sunday, September 16, 2007

this tunnel

gee, it's been sooooo long since iv'e posted-life has been well....intense, unsettling, chaotic, frenzied and very very sad. i've been unable to knit, blog, dye and spin-all the things that bring me joy. isn't that the definition of depression? i've been maintaining. but things are changing- i do see (some) light at the end of this long tunnel and hope for better and brighter days.


Jenifer Kolbo said...

I know that tunnel quite well, and sometimes it seems as if the closer you get to the end, the faster the doors seem to get built on the end.

It's a good thing, that everything in life is temporary, and for a reason, right????? ya!!!

Depression sometimes I think is overatted in the dispensing of medicine aspect, but it can get pretty realistic to us that feel it, and have to deal with the side affects...
ya ya ya, the family also is affected....and the guilt is sometimes overwhelming.

This is why I blog,
I also have a secret blog, that NOONE knows about, and I let shit fly like the dickens.

maybe a good thought?

I lost a dear friend/mother in law yesterday, at fifty one, she died of lung cancer, it took a year is all, and I can't believe she is gone, and Ya, I'm a bit depressed, so beer is my med of choice.

Take care steph.

soxchik said...

Sorry you've been having a rough time. I had a really bad week too. I just decided to keep it off the blogosphere (this time!).

Birdsong said...

Uh oh - I better call and get us a beer and knitting night going soon... I will be around a bit extra this coming weekend. I am sorry to hear things are so rough.

Sharon said...

Wish we lived closer - we could share shoulders. The dark has gotten darker here as well. I'm with you - looking for the light. I know it's up there, like when I'd bodysurf and get boiled up in a wave. Just gotta find up. That's where the light is.

Anonymous said...

There is a light, for sure. Just keep reaching for it. Hugs!


MX said...

It's good to hear a word from you, I've been worried. Life here is chaotic too, better days a-comin!