Friday, July 27, 2007

ufo resurrection

thanks to birdsong i just joined the ufo resurrection ring. for those of you who don't have a clue of what this is-don't be embarrassed-i didn't either. birdsong filled me in. it is a blogring(club) that you can join to make a pact to work on "UnFinished Objects-(knitted objects- mind you.) i have a semi truck load of those-gee-is that a symptom of ADD?(i was gonna list them for you but you would have cried out in pain! i could also start my own "UFB" club-unfinished books club-oh yes i have a pile next to my bed. i guess i have a boredom issue. or maybe i'm just excited about a new project-so much insight-a love of the burst of creativity or something new-or the thrill of excitement-yes, it did get me into trouble as a younger woman-now it shows itself with unfinished fiber projects-a stash of wool that i hide from my family, unread books, paints unused, recipes never cooked. the list goes on.

now where was i? yes, birdsong got me motivated -inspired to join "ufo resurrection." i pulled out an old mohair shawl i was making several years ago.-my gawd-it had creases-from being shoved in a nondescript canvas bag(hey-it's better than my usual hideous bright yellow "grocery-outlet" bag-i'm a bag lady in the making) the shawl was beginning to felt. birdsong, claudia and i meant last night at the one and only pizza parlour around these parts-(birdsong got me out of my hermit hut.) i actually knitted on my "ufo" shawl while drinking beer and eating a greek salad. here's a picture-my stormy sea shawl: it's a oat couture pattern-a very simple pattern, which is probably why i got bored with it. i do love their patterns though. i hope to make one of there vests soon. but i need to finish other projects first!!!!
my other fiber endeavours include finishing my st.patrick day socks and also getting skeins ready for the fair. trying to figure out which ones are the best. hmmmm?

one of the perks of having a hubby in the organic produce field is now and then you get a treat-a real treat. check out these organic heirloom tomatoes we got-i wish i could say they were ours-but my tomatoes are not ripe yet.(except for our cherry tomatoes) check these babies out:

liam loved devouring the "brain" tomato: gee, i think we should have made a film first: "attack of the killer(brain) tomatoes." gee, i'm having deja vu.
the organic farm these lucsious fruits came from is terra firma farm. now, i have never been a bulldog fan. until i saw this picture of lulu: i am in love-l-u-v kinda of love. this cutie lives at the farm:
she rocks! doesn't she just make you want to eat organic produce? she's my little sugar pumpkin! geez steph you are pathetic! i'm really missing having a dog around. i'm thinking next spring might be new puppy time for me. i love rescuing animals-but it's hard when you have livestock and kids around because rescue animals do generally come with baggage. but we'll see if the right one comes along-like chelsie did. i miss her so much!

on a lighter note, i actually brewed a batch of beer a while back. it's ready to drink-yea! it's been so effin hot that i brewed me up a a cool refreshing heffivizen-total hack job on the spelling sorry. here's a picture-complete with lemon wedge-and seed! for good luck. (i just made that up)yum!


Sharon said...

I drive into work early on Tuesdays so I can catch the farmers' market and buy Shady Ladies. Its that or Early Girls and I'm not so hot on them. You are so lucky lucky lucky. We cannot grow toms - sucks.

soxchik said...

Oh my, the heirloom tomatoes look gorgeous. I get bored so easily with reading too- I believe it has something to do with cutting into my fiber time (slow reader here). My unfinished reads are On the Road-Jack Kerouac, and And the Band Played On-Randy Shilts. I think I may never finish some books. As for knits my only UFO (this doesn't include frog pond stuff) is my one armed alpaca cardigan. I must finish that sucker!

Birdsong said...

Great tomatoes! I love Luci too... what a cool dog. I am working on a list of patterns I want to make, sorta a priority queue, using Ravelry, and I got up to 30 last night, with probably a few things missing. Some of those I already have yarn for... sigh, I think I totally understand that boredom/ADD/spread the love issue you described. I have managed to stay married for 13 years....some learning about consistency should have come from that, right?

cysterkat said...

kat here...the brain tomato is awesome! i have had one green one and only one red one so far this year to eat from my patio garden! i've managed to harvest a pepper and some green onions though. slow but sure i suppose. my UFO list is waaaay long. between my honey do list from christina, and my own personal crafts and such i will finish by the time i retire which is a good ways off yet. get my email from christina so we can talk more. until then, waiting for the next installment of the wooly daisy!

brad said...

Thanks for the comment. That's what I thought about Jackson Hole too.