Friday, July 20, 2007

old faithful

i'm having some mild depression here-THE SUN IS BACK. a few days ago we were blessed and treated with a cool, cloudy and rainy day(singular not plural.) it was heavenly bliss. my kind of weather. i was so happy and full of life. i didn't need to water my garden-wow! for you folks who don't live in nor-cal(besides the coastal areas) can you imagine not seeing, feeling or experiencing rain till the end of october? every g.d. day is clear blue sky and hot!-ugh! even when i lived in new mexico we had the summer monsoons! now, i'm not complaining-well, yes i actually am.-summer is a hard time for me. bare with me. i will take our rainy day as special treat. here is a pic. of the gorgeous sky:
i've been working a pair of green socks for st. patty's day-a special day for me-i like ankle socks. can you see the cables? i dyed this fauklands wool then spun it-and had a splendid time too!
okay back to the road trip: no trip to yellowstone is complete without seeing old faithful blow-see, even the mascots are excited.
here, they wait patiently for the special moment:
the crowd got so excited i was unable to take a picture of all three while ole faithful was erupting so i had to pick Able up and get a background shot.-look at that smile. liam and carey both got good videos of this experience.
after old faithful blew i insisted on hiking to morning glory pool-it was only 2.8 mile round trip-even though the boys were tired(it was after 5:00) i pushed. i always wanted to see this pool and never got a chance. it was a great walk-geyers galore-and they would just blast unexpectly as you walked by-how cool! like this one:
i loved evey minute-at the end the morning glory pool was a bit of a let down-the colors were not as brillant because of stupid people throwing things into it clogging up the vent-can i say it again louder: STUPID PEOPLE! they have to clean the pool out every year-this makes me sad and pissed-once again-stupid people. on the way back liam got an excellent photo of a mountain bluebird-one of my favs! ah the sweetness of life.
okay, now everywhere in the park you are reminded of this:
now we had only seen two bison from the car the whole trip-quite a let down. but as we made our way back from our walk -i was a bit tired and hungry too-we almost walked right by this guy. i looked up and there he was- i was speechless- trying to get the boys attention as they had been staring the ground too! and i couldn't remember the word buffalo or bison-i was speaking gibberish using my hands. i mean he was right there! liam didn't want to walk past him-after seeing all the caution "gorging" signs(i wish i could show you that one.). there was no choice. i was not about to walk the whole loop again the other direction. so we forged past this gentle giant. awesome.
liam also has a "poop" photo essay of the trip-this photo here is bison poop:
well, i need to get dinner started i'll have to continue later- ciao!


dave said...

What an impressive Bison! We're in a bit of a drought here in Western New York, so we have been pretty happy too to see the rain lately too.

stephanie said...

testing testing

Rowen said...

Hey Stef...glad to hear your back around! The rainy day was DIVINE! I was a happy bird too. By August I am fried out on sunny and hot too! Shoot, the grass is always greener, right? (especially when you don't have to water it every day!!) Anyways, I've been enjoying your road trip pics. Lets get together soon.