Sunday, July 15, 2007

roadtrip part 2!

on our way to the tetons we stopped off at jackson lake-the boys and elle went swimming and fishing:

the journey continues - the tetons have always been one of my most beloved group of mountains. they are breathtakingly beautiful and some believe " grand teton" means "large teat" named by french explorers. hmm. what was on their minds? either they missed the ladies or really wanted a glass of milk-what do you think?
moose country! they love the willows and marshy places-i'm very fond of the largest member of the deer family. unfortunately this was the only moose i saw:
now, i am more of a river gurl than a lake gurl(except for the great lakes-they rock!) but jenny lake has got to be the sweetest little lake ever-it sits at the base of the tetons.
gee, i wonder who jenny was. this lake is cold and clear- liam was inspecting it when he "accidently" fell in. ha! let me clear my throat-this was after i asked him to keep his clothes dry as we were running out of dry ones.

kim, sharon and elle continued their adventure looking for hot springs outside of jackson hole. which was sounded fun but the boys were not into extending driving time-they were sick of sitting in the car and we still had quite a drive back to camp. we opted to head back to yellowstone. on our way we came across an old log catholic church. now i was raised catholic-but no longer follow that faith-(i believe the term is "recovering" catholic-no offense to any catholic readers out there)but i still enjoy checking out churches-i love all the stained glass and icons. this church was simple and everything was wooden-very earthy. after living in new mexico i grew fond of the old latino catholic images(especially the tatoos!) such as the sacred heart and of course the virgin of guadalupe(you go gurl!) here's what we found:

after exploring the church(the boys were real interested in the confessional booths) we were hungry and very very sick of sandwhiches. we stopped at colter bay village in hopes of some decent non-road food. wow! did we luck out-although very unorganized(many upset customers) the food was great-local organic greens, the chicken,buffalo,elk and beef was free range and organic-now i generally(meaning: except when the desire to eat the flesh of certain creatures is so strong my body becomes a stalking carnivore i do give in to these such urges-my body lets me know when i need it-sshhh all you members of the secret society of organic brat eaters) don't partake in "these" such animals-but i think the meat industry really needs to change and i get excited when i see alternatives to factory farming outside my local coop)-i had wild caught salmon(yes i do partake in aquatic animals-i no longer call myself a veggie-even though the majority of my food is plant based) tacos-yumyum and it was afforable too- except for the 5$ bottle of beer i had with dinner-jesus! i had to save the bottle at that price. gee that was a bit wordy.
gotta love the name though! okay fibery folks-i do have some cool wooly stuff coming-but just hold your horses-i'm getting there. i need to get off me damn arse and get some house hold duties done.


soxchik said...

I love Jenny Lake and the Big Teats. I went camping there when I was a Girl Scout in High School. We took a bus all the way from New York to Wyoming. We also stopped in a way cute chapel by Jenny Lake. But I don't recall the Roman Catholic Latino icons ( I am a recovering Catholic also).

Birdsong said...

What a great, fun trip! Love all the photos, and I sure hope the beer lived up to its name.

cysterkat said...

kat here the pics are great. christina needs a beer like that! ha ha! i grew up on the river so i guess i'm a river girl too. i spent about 3 months living pretty close to lake erie. i think it's one of my favs.

brad said...

When we were in Yellowstone about a month ago, my wife was hoping to see moose, but only bison and a few elk, so no moose in our pictures.

brad said...

Oh, was Jackson Hole what you expected? Don't suppose you could answer that on my blog, so I don't have to come find this post for your answer? Please.