Saturday, July 14, 2007

roadtrip part1

okay, i think i've got hubby's computer figured out-we'll see. anyway, when we arrived home i was shocked at how much the chickens had grown. here's hazel with her babies. she is such a good mother hen-she is teaching them to be chickens and has tons of new and different sounds to communicate with them.
one of them is hiding. the teens really grew-wow! i love the barred rocks feathers!

now i'm gonna try real hard not to bore you with too many photos of my trip as i don't want to be like some old fart with a vacation slide show-yawn yawn bore bore, i know!

meet our trip mascots-abel the shepard, stinky mcfee and i think the sheep's name is prious-gads, i've forgotten already.

the trip got off to a pretty shaky start. we drove up the driveway at 5:00a.m.-right on schedule! but then after driving for about 15 minutes i see smoke all over the road(it was still dark) i'm thinking my god it's a fire. the smoke cleared as i was in it. it was not a fire it was a car accident. i couldn't stop- i had to plow thru all the debris-pieces of metal,glass and stuff that was in the back of the pickup. it was a one car accident-he hit a tree-must have fallen asleep. his truck was totaled he was a bloody mess. i pulled over and neighbors began running out of their homes-it was surreal. 911 was called-and it took forever for anyone to show up- we were trying to keep other folks from hitting the stuff and to slow down. it was a real wake up call for carey as he is learning to drive right now. i was picking things out of my tires and trying to see if the underside of "pearl" was okay. i almost turned around and went home. i was shaken up-if we'd been there 10 or 20 seconds earlier-we probably would have been hit head on. going 55. ugh! we hung around for about 30-45 minutes till all the rescue folks got there and things were under control. my tires were still inflated so i decided to continue on with our journey. not to mention, i stopped every 10 minutes to check my tires and underneath "pearl" to make sure things were in order before crossing nevada.

i drove 14 hours that first day-all the way to Blackfoot idaho-the longest i've ever drivin in one shot- i was exhausted. i actually had blisters on my hands from gripping the steering wheel. i was happy to be in the land of sinclair gas stations though-fond childhood memories as i loved the smell of gasoline and the big green dinosaur-but none of them had the statures anymore. when i was a kid i had a plastic blow up one from a station.

the boys were NOT impressed with blackfoot or the motel 8. here's a picture of our beautiful view from our motel window:

we woke early and split! bye bye blackfoot, hello yellowstone national park. in 2 days we went into 5 states: california, nevada, idaho, montana and wyoming-yeehaa! the boys thought that was cool.

right after we entered yellowstone we saw a good omen:

we headed to grant village campground as that is where we would be camping for 3 nights with my 2 "bonus" sisters and bonus niece(remember i hate the word "step")-they were driving from minnesota. the mascots were happy to be chilling after such a long drive.
after being given the "bear" speech from the ranger we set up camp and explored; waiting for sharon, kim and elle to arrive. i still couldn't believe i was actually in yellowstone. when they arrived kim made us all a smashing dinner-rice noodles with edame, pine nuts, basil, kale, parsley, fresh garlic and olive oil-yum! we hit the hay as everyone was pretty tired from all the driving-except for carey-luckily he has his own tent and lantern so he can stay up to the wee hours reading. next stop-the grand tetons-one of my favorite mountain ranges of all!


Sharon said...

I love the term "bonus" and have adopted it, effective immediately. Ian and I have just returned from a family birthday with lots of bonus relatives. In fact I was one of two ex-Mrs. Gearys present, along with our ex-husband, and we had a great visit. Life is too short to do otherwise! How about "ex" - do you have better word for that? We are presently friends - I hate that negative "ex" part.

liberal redneck said...

"rice noodles with edame, pine nuts, basil, kale, parsley, fresh garlic and olive oil"...
Where's the PORK? I'd still be a veggie if our muddy little oinking cousins weren't so YUMMY. My friends down in Ferndale have started their own little pig farm with a big pregnant sow to add to their Highland cattle and goats and chickens. I'm so jealous, they're gonna go on the "Hundred Mile Diet" and never miss an ingredient!

Sara said...

Oh! There is the world's most fabulous bead store in Blackfoot Idaho. Good thing you didn't tell me you'd be there, or your trip would've been burdened by a hitchhiker on the roof of your car :) (and the resulting several tons of beads would be a drag on the gas mileage).

Yellowstone: how fabulous. Lucky, lucky you.

Ugh about the accident, yet it's a good thing for a new driver to be aware.

Birdsong said...

I am sure glad that wasn't you in the accident and that the trip went along so smoothly! Great stories, though I am sorry you missed out on the bead store.