Saturday, November 6, 2010

crafty update

i interrupt the central coast vacation posts with a crafty update! besides gallivanting around california i have been busy in the crafty sector. i'm finding it very hard to focus on the this post but i'm trying to get my mind off the fact that i have the worst case of poison oak i've ever had. short of peeling off my skin or killing myself i've tried all remedies i know of- except a trip to the doc for a heavy duty cortisone treatment-which i'm sure i need. i've been suffering for a week straight-it's so bad i have the chills and feel like shit. if no improvement by monday it's off to the doc i go!

i forgot to add the benedryl to the assortment-didn't touch the itching but gave me a wonderful heroin type nod that allowed me to sleep at night. man that stuff is potent! for the safety of everyone around me i only took it night. had to stop taking it....making me weird out.

before looking like a leper rowan and i made ceramic buttons at a ceramic studio at willow springs-it was great fun and i want to make more! thanks for your guidance penelope!

they look like candy huh? here's a better look:

i finished the baby vest made with my hansdpun merino yarn.

away from home i was able to finished my tidepool socks.

in case you weren't paying attention-i actually finished a pair of socks-yes, a pair-2 socks!!!! instead of getting bored and never finishing the 2nd sock i persevered. you can't see me-but i'm doing a little happy dance:) i love them so much i have to post another picture. love the picot edging.

the yarn is from hazel knits in the sweet crush colorway. washable merino-yum!

being that the colder weather should be heading our way i immediately casted on another pair of socks-worsted weight on side 3 needles- my favorite needle size for socks-i hate knitting with tooth picks! this yarn is a washable merino as well, from orange flower.

geez- what a crappy picture! will update soon-promise! before i go slather my body with slime i wanted to show you what grew in our garden this year-and we didn't even plant it!

what a treat!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous buttons!!! I want to make some, too!

Birdsong said...

I love the buttons! I don't usually use ceramic buttons on handknits, as they seem to weigh mine down, but they would be great on shirts and aprons, not that I need to add another craft:) I am sorry about the poison oak.. are you taking baths? That 'colloidiol oatmeal' (processed in a way it won't gum up in the tub) is very soothing.

soxchik said...

Those buttons remind me of Sweetarts or Pez! Must avoid another hobby. But they are soooo cute!!! I hope that the itch calms down.

Sharon said...

So sorry about the poison oak. The buttons are like candy - love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Keep some inexpensive antihistamine pills around for your itches. My former husband and I took dome friend to Tahoe for a Ray Charles concert in the late 60's and I had an allergic reaction to one of the food I ate. The next AM called my MD in Sacto and he told me to get them. Keep them handy all the time. Like you site. My parents had a cabin in the Sierra's in the 50's. Russian River ran behind cabin.

Anonymous said...

PS: Forgot to tell you to get the antihistamine in pill form. Sorry for typos in above message.