Tuesday, October 12, 2010

quik update

my goodness it's been over three weeks since i've posted! what's up with that? where the heck have i been? well, I've been to chicago and back, a celtic festival, put out another edition of the town newsletter, homeschooling and just dang busy. too dang busy. i start getting pissy when i haven't the time time to post- just ask the family. i have future blog posts planned for my trip east and the magical world of gaelic fairies, sacrifices and strong men in kilts-but alas, they take time. more time than i have right now...as i prepare dinner, weigh wool, look over liam's science paper, knit on 3 different projects simultaneously while working on my blog-oh yeah, did i mention all at the same freakin time. no wonder i'm frazzled. i just can't do one thing at a time.
all i have time for is a quick upate on knitting projects and a few misc. things.

here's my tidepool socks. i'm so loving this pattern.

i'm STILL working on the sleeves of my catamount sweater.

been doing some spinning:

this is some merino i dyed with "baby" items in mind. started another vest:

im also involved with the criminal minds mystery kerchief knit along-this is a very fun project!!!

been harvesting rosehips.

been cooking with our own garlic and now it's time to get a new crop in the ground! i'm so not ready!!! thinking of turning current garden into a goat/sheep pen this coming spring.

enough for now-need to get busy!


magnusmog said...

I'm intrigued, what is the plan for the rosehips?

woolydaisy said...

magnusmog-wow! i'm glad you wrote that- i always dried them for tea-they are great for vit.c-colds and flu. i did a search and found out they great for tons of stuff!!!!
prevent bladder infections, anti-inflammatory,headaches,arthritissoups, jellies and jams. in WWll they made syrup out of it for health. do a google search-there is tons of info:)

BFree said...

It is all so beautiful!

woolydaisy said...

BFree- thanks so much:)

Birdsong said...

Well, at least you got a post up! I can't even seem to do that... of course it IS fall. Where are you getting rose hips? I always heard it was best to wait until the frost hit them, so haven't picked any yet. I was planning to use them for a syrup instead of Emergen-C which is overpackaged and I learned from reading the label has artificial sweetener!

soxchik said...

Wow Wooly, I need to learn more about garlic. I think I've tried the rosehip tea before. Not bad, loaded with vitamin C.