Saturday, November 27, 2010


OOPS! yes, with capitol letters!!!!!! Horrors of Horrors as i was paruising(my word) the net this morning it came to my attention i made a big blunder on my last post-which i have since made good. it was not the "lime and violet" gurls attending the grand opening at "VERB" but the STASH and BURN gurls. then my friend Luci emailed me and confirmed my blunder-gads how could i be so lame. like i said-i don't keep up with such matters-i'm fairly luditey (another of my words)-and must admit i have never listened to a podcast in my life. i don't really know how...despite WonderMike's many attempts to help me with this issue.

my apologies to Jenny and Nicole!

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Astral Boutique said...

Here is a little promo video that I made to highlight the vibe of the Bizarre! Please share it with your social networks, and help get the energy building for our Big Day!

(-: Sasha