Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just "do" it!

holy showers batman-it' s april!!! how did that happen? i completely missed blogging about st. patrick's day and the first day of spring. i always do a blarney type equinox post. it's all about the green!!! where was i? what was i doing? on the first day of spring......yes, i remember now.

the family started out the morning gathering with community members to do some spring cleaning in our local historic cemetery. there's liam and hubby hard at work next to our CVFD fire chief alan(on right.)

we were only able to stay till noon as hubby and i were city bound! Hubby has a friend/business associate that was having a going away party in Oakland to attend. now as you know i am a hermit and prefer the solitude of our hill top hut. but- i am a person of extremes. i tend to like opposite ends of the specrum. i can do "frontier" yet i can do "city" as well. it's the in-between realm i have a hard time with.

this said-there's one thing i usually don't "do" when i'm doing "city" and that is drive. i hate city driving, it's crazy and it's scary and i never know where i'm going and i hate getting lost and hubby and i usually start arguing. in my past, when i did live in the city i didn't "do" cars-i did public transportation or rode my bike. so i never became experienced at it. in fact whenever i do hit the city-it's always a given that others drive- i scare people with my city driving. they always offer to drive.... out of shear fear plus they hate seeing me stress out-not a pretty site.
this trip.....i drove.

we arrived in oakland(me sweaty, white knuckled and very tightly wound) around 4:45pm(got stuck in marysville by a fricken parade-a fricken parade!!!!!)-just enough time to stop by the hotel and head out to the party. we were staying in jack london square, oakland. i took many deep breaths and studied my directions-again. made it to the party no problem. after the party i felt pretty calm and collected as i knew exactly where i was going. but then someone needed a ride home. gulp! Gads! holy crap! sure i replied. double gulp! beginning to sweat as i realized i was about to go out of the bounderies of my heavily studied and much needed directions. i made the passenger rachel promise to give me easy directions to get me back to our hotel room. i didn't want to rely on hubby's directions-we won't get into that right now-that's a whole post in itself. anyway- i did it!!! even though i can't see well at night-i was able to get us back to jack london square without crying or getting into a fight.( okay-i'm sensitive!!!) hooray!!!! call me sexist, but i understand directions given by a woman way better than given by a man. nothing personal babe.

we woke early sunday morning-even with those blackout curtains shut tight, no kids, no dogs and no chickens to let out, we still find it impossible to sleep in. so we decided to go wander the square. look-it's jack london's cabin...sort of.a farmer's market was happening. gorgeous veggies!

eggs were selling for $6 a dozen!!!! holy carp! i sell my organic eggs for only $3/doz. wow! we ate a delicious homemade pizza fire baked in a small portable clay oven with veggies from the local growers while looking out over the water.we also noticed all the well behaved normal type city dogs hanging peacefully with their owners.

after checking out of oakland i had cleverly written up directions from our hotel to none other than "a verb for keeping warm." i hadn't driven this far and come so close, after all berkeley is right next to oakland-to drive by without stopping. the shop is open on weekends!!! we got there in one piece-with only one minor set back-hubby didn't like my directions. well, we did get a little lost-i panicked, freaked out a bit, got pissy at hubby but then he did get us back on the right track and we found it. thank goodness i had my weleda deodorant applied liberally that morning.

the shop is tiny but cute as hell!!

for those of you that don't know- all of their yarn and spinning fiber is naturally dyed. the colors are fabulous and the fiber is ultra soft! i couldn't resist.

the top spinning fiber is BFL in the colorway "alice." the yarn is a blend of merino, cashmere and a bit of nylon for strength in the colorway "le cirque." i plan on making the "calais shawl" with the yarn. i guess i'm still having a pink jag!

there's one thing i don't like whether i'm in the city or small town. and that is....colossal grocery stores. down the street from "a verb for keeping warm" is the berkeley bowl. Now, ive never been to the berkely bowl-hubby has. i thought we could stop by and do some grocery shopping since we were so close. my god...i was shocked and amazed at the hangar like appearance of this natural food store. we wandered around for what seemed like hours and all i came out with was an ice tea and a tub of tahini. sensory overload, too many choices and downright overwhelming. so much for my extreme theory.

i calmed myself down by wandering around the warehouse district. we found an old foundry that looked to still be in use. liam would have loved it.this was sitting outside-isn't this foundry cool-i could live here. if i had to. there were a few old bricks laying around. i took one Liam. shhhhhhhhhh! yes, he collects those too. sorry no photo-i know you are dying to see some brick photos-maybe another time.

one thing i miss about "city" are the telephone/power poles. they always bring me back, make me feel warm and fuzzy-a bit of nostalgia i guess.

well, it was time to hit the road back home. we had a wonderful weekend get away-alone! berekely was a breeze to navigate(we were right by the freeway-hee hee). i gained confidence in my city driving abilities and yes, i can still "do" city but it sure is nice to get back to our hill, where the UPS man won't venture down our driveway but hangs things at the top of our driveway in trees.


soxchik said...

Holy carp, you have a city mouse/country mouse thing going on! I have a little confession: I never drove in New York City. I refused to. The cabbies and messenger bikers freaked me out too much. I new we were on the same page! I love your verb purchases. How the heck did you find that store, it looks so incognito. And best of all..... I love how you have a parcel tree.

Sharon said...

Fun trip and wonderful yarn store! I'm with you about the extremes - either/or. I don't like the bedroom community lifestyle, but I love that you can park you car and take transit in the city. We park our car at a Bart station on the East Bay when we go to SF and spare ourselves driving and $$$ parking.

Birdsong said...

I loved this post, and feel much the same about cities... though I am calmer about the driving part. Now, I have to get directions from you so I can visit the Verb store next time we are in Alameda.