Tuesday, April 6, 2010

it's all about the "green"

okay, i realize this post is a bit late but life around these parts does prevent regular timely posts. spring is so definitely here with it's snow one day, sunshine the next sprinkled in with bits of rain here and there and i just love it. as it is the time of year for all things green. in a few months everything will be golden brown. i cherish the green. green is my favorite color-especially of the swampy pond scum variety. so here is my belated welcome back "spring" post. the yard is full of clovers!

normally we celebrate spring equinox at our house but this year hubby and i were in oakland(see past post.) so we actually celebrated it on easter this year. eggs generously donated by our "gurls" were decorated.the lucky rabbit of spring hid eggs in the woods.

my dear little neighbor raena(age 10) knows i love the color green and aprons. she got me this apron for xmas-what a treat-i am so lucky! yes, i know you all are experiencing "apron envy" at this very moment. i've been sporting this apron all spring!

every spring i make point to spin green yarn. check out this delicious yummy yarn i'm spinning from a batt made by my friend rowan.

i'm actually in the process of plying it so you will see it completed very soon!!!!

here are some of liam's insulators in his collection. he did a "spring" arrangement for me-sweet eh?

it's all about the "green!"


Luci said...

Lovin' the green and really love that batt! I sort of miss doing Easter eggs, but then again I tease that it's an egg hunt every day at my house. Apron is awesome, Raena chose well.

Beryl Moody said...

I'm with you on loving the color green. Colors of the forest -- color of spring. It is delightful!

soxchik said...

Apron envy again. Must get cracking and start mine! By the way, all your greens are beautiful!