Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i'm working on it.......really

i don't really let my new year's resolutions be known-as it often just sets me up for failure. my list is usually miles long as well-nothing you all want to witness anyway. but one resolution i will share with you. this year i plan on getting a handle on my addiction. my addiction of starting new fiber projects before finishing old ones. it's WAY out of control. what a bummer to never have the "fruits" to show for your labors-they remain unfinished in bags, boxes or baskets. i get bored quickly and get too excited with new ideas and inspirations that i can't control the impulse to start something new. there's nothing like the fresh exhilaration of casting on for a new project. it's a drug-what a high! those of you with serious startitis know this feeling. it's dangerous.

this year i plan on going thru my UFO's (UnFinished Objects) and evaluate. Seriously decide whether to frog it or actually finish it. finish up the projects and then-attack my "to do" list with a vengeance. i have sooo many groovy things i want to make. i also plan on spinning everyday-even if it's only for a brief moment. i need to destash my spinning fiber before it takes over the house!

okay-that said...

i have finished 5 projects so far this year. this a BIG deal for me. especially if you could see how many projects i have started. i won't even share that number with you-it's too embarrassing. here's a few pics of completion: i finished my everyday vest knit from Rowan Chunky Colourscape. A holiday gift from my dear friend anne.

and it fits!!! i love this simple norwegian pattern-knit in the round, no seams except the shoulders. not particularly fond of the pink stripe right across my middle though-ha!!!

my friend rowan turned me on to a great free pattern called "malabrigo hand thingies"-super quick knit-on size 7 needles (yes! instant gratification). i made it from some of my handspun merino. MMMMMMMM! been into this raspberry color lately-what is up with that??? hence the need to change the color on my blog.

a new favorite pattern! i strongly urge you to knit this pattern.

last sunday we had another dye day at willow springs to work on our dye books. we accomplished a lot and we even had a spur of the moment BFL dye fest. i really like the way mine turned out but i would love it more if i hadn't diluted the dye so much. you were right rowan!!!maybe to prevent some muddiness when plying i will dye a solid to match and ply with that. a soxchik technique. plus i will get more yardage. maybe if i choose a gold it will look less eastery.
new word, new word!!!

spring is sooooo close! this was taken at the end of february.

ta ta for now-gotta go spin!


Luci said...

I think you should list the number of UFOs, you know, like a 12 step program. "My name is Stephanie and I have xx UFOs." It is really liberating to go through them though. I did that two years ago and felt really free afterwards.

Had so much fun at dye day. I like the ways yours came out. I need to photograph mine, but it looks like a cross between mixed sorbet and sunset. It really needs some more purple and pink to enliven all the oranges.

Rowen White said...

your blog post inspired me to organize my WIP basket...three pairs of socks, a hat, a shawl....all of these need to get finished. BUt i really want to cast on for a vest!!!! thanks for the inspiration, and you are not alone in your startitus.

your dye day wool looks fab. i like mine too, i will photo it soon.

Birdsong said...

I love your new vest and can't wait to see you in it.. I think you should consider wearing more pink.

Sharon said...

You're off to a good start on your new goal. I think the sleeveless T is nicely done and also stylish. I like the single pink stripe.