Monday, February 15, 2010

spinning too fast

as i sit here in my bed (yes i finally got the nasty cold hubby and the boy just got over) i reflect on how life is just spinning too fast for me. i can't seem to keep up it and feel a bit lost and confused. i can't seem to get everything done-i can't even update my blog regularly or keep up with reading blogs i enjoy. projects left unfinished- i seem to barely manage the daily essential chores-schooling, feeding the family, laundry, chicken care and some cleaning-if you can call it that. it never was one of my strong points. i am approaching another birthday and i'm realizing that i'm closer to 50 than i am 40-a sense of panic fills me. i know i'm not "old" but i can't help feeling a bit uptight that i'm not gonna do everything i want or need to. time seems to slip thru my fingers-and my "to do" list gets longer. i feel overwhelmed that i'm not finishing fiber projects, books are left halfway read and the dragon still only knows 2 commands. sigh. sigh. heavy sigh....... ick-enough of this reflecting!!!

yes, life keeps happening. my baby turned 12 recently. seems like yesterday i looked like i swallowed a basketball whole-i sure loved being pregnant.

having your baby growing inside you is the most amazing and wonderful experience. the actual birth for me was another story-for those of you that have not given birth-think about that basketball swallowed whole and now you gotta get it out. i still miss breast feeding and changing diapers!!!

remember the fuchsia and brown fiber from the previous post? well, i did manage to spin and ply it. i'm not usually a fuchsia gurl but i'm liking this. i had the perfect shawlette picked out for this yarn but i only ended up with 230 yards and i need 270 yards for the project-any ideas?

before the holiday craze i started this capelet:

i've wanted to knit this for years-it's from the book wrap style. of course i'm doing it in another favorite swampy green-the yarn is more yellowy green in real life.

i've started the lace section and had my sites set on finishing it for STITCHES. not sure if that is going to happen as the 25th is quickly approaching and i have to get the courier done before i leave.

a few weeks ago rowan, birdsong, lucie, rhodi and i had a wonderful dye workshop at willow springs with sara lamb. she is teaching us to make our own dye formula books. we had such a blast and were so engrossed in our work that we forgot to take pictures. i managed to snap a few shots at the end when we were putting our color cards together. this will be an ongoing project for us. here is lucie, rowan and birdsong arranging yarn color samples in order.

here's our days effort of mixing dyes and putting them on cards with their dye formulas. when the project is completed we will each have a large book full of colors and their formulas!!!

sniffle, snot, i really need to be napping so i will leave you with a picture of my fantastic baking ability-i made heart shaped brownies for the boys.

what can i is not perfect.

7 comments: said...

Good blog.

soxchik said...

Hey don't sweat that aging thing. I just block that stuff out because there is no time for age related stress. Just live every day to its fullest. BTW, I love the bulbous brownie! Did you ever see the Little Rascals when they tried baking a cake? It had a giant heaving bubble similar to your brownie confection.

Beryl Moody said...

If you got everything done, there wouldn't be anything left to look forward to. I always remember your birthday because you are exactly two years older than my daughter. Now just think how old that makes me:-)

Luci said...

Want to say something encouraging, but it all sounds corny in my head... The latest spinning looks awesome. Which shawlette did you have in mind for it?

Hang in there; plan for lots of sleep and tea. This latest cold/bronchitis thing is a real doozy. Thought I was over it after four days and then relapsed for another five days.

wooly daisy said...

thanks everyone:)

Sharon said...

Steph, I have felt like that as long as I can remember. I've passed the 60 mark and have been retired seven months and I still feel like that, and I'm not sure I want it any different. I love the excitement and anticipation. I know I can't fit everything in my life time but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Look at all the things that you do and you do well. Here's a pat on the back from me, and I encourage you to give yourself one as well.

magnusmog said...

I know that spinning feeling - I find that taking time out to squeeze the cat or sit in the garden helps me to forget the million and one things I think I should be doing!