Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hark the harold!

it's a warm day here at wooly's house thanks to Harold our propane guy. "the" propane guy. hank hill would be proud of him. you see, our driveway is not the easiest for a gas truck. harold has to back the truck down a steep curvy gravel drive in order to get back up it. UPS won't come down-they leave things at the top. but harold....he's my hero as he comes down-even in the rain. i was worried we'd run out during the storm and i hate being cold!!

here he is-in action! go harold!! but the chickens were not happy with his loud truck so close to their home- they were desperately trying to get out!

he could only back in so far today because of the mud. luckily he has a long hose. minds out of the gutter- JEEZ!

been busy on the fiber side of life. i did finish carey's holiday mitts-which became belated b-day gifts. thanks to my "fiber gals" for assistance in understanding the pattern! free pattern here for you ravelers.

carey is pretending to be a hand model. i knit them out of washable merino-18 year old guys are not to hip with the "handwash" scene.

been making fingerless mitts for little people-great for using up little balls of left over yarn. these traveled all the way to sadie in louisiana. brothere max got some too but alas no pic. i hand-dyed the yarn. washable merino as well! another great free pattern here.

here's how my "everyday vest" is coming along. my first one is getting pretty ratty looking and i've been wanting another. my friend anne in minnesota sent me this wonderful yarn for xmas. i'm almost done.

i'm also going to be doing some stash reduction this year. so i also started the "icelandic star" sweater in the current interweave knits with some merino frappe i had in my closet. love the pattern so far as it is seamless.

the yarn is so light and fluffy-very cloud like. soft as hell too! merino-yum!!!! the colors look better in real life-as there is a sage green by the blue that you can't see very well in the photo. the dark diamonds are not black but dark green.

i'm finally being able to spin as my back is finally better(knock on wood!) and i'm challenging myself to spin everyday-even if it is just for 10 minutes. i dyed this BFL (blue faced leicester)
and wish i had dyed more!!! i just love the crimp of BFL-reminds me of my crimping iron from the 80's. here's my bucket-o fiber.

all spun and plied. maybe i have enough for a cowl?

i already started a new spinning project. a while back i tried to dye some merino really ugly to see what would happen when i spun it. i dyed it fushia, rust, and for some strange reason there are bits of pale lilac-almost silver that i did not add but mysteriously appeared after steaming.

it is actually spinning up really cool. it's funny how sometimes gorgeous rovings don't look that great spun up and ugly ones turn out cool. i will post picture when i finish.

time for some poirot. i think i'll turn on the heat:)


magnusmog said...

I love the Icelandic Star Sweater and the BFL is looking good too :)

soxchik said...

Harold has some serious beard! Your BFL is looking shiny. Lots of lovely stuff!

Sharon said...

Boy am I glad I don't have your driveway. Ours is bad enough, but he also has turn-around room. Love the roving. I need to do some too - am spinning boring gray.

karen said...

love the handspun! wow, i can't wait to see the other roving spun up, this is an amazing process that i so far only get to experience vicariously through you wonderful spinners! thanks for the link to the little fingerless mitts for kids, that will be a fun project!

Birdsong said...

OK, how'd I get so behind on what you have been up to?! And where's a post about Monterey? I am inspired to try the Merino Frappe too, though stash reduction goals indicate I should go for using my Cascade Sierra stash and getting some colors for the colorwork.

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Luci said...

Ooh, love the way the blue/green/gold bfl spun up. It's my next spinning project, and am thinking about drop spindling it...