Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mendo coast part 2

i thought i'd better finish up ''washboard woolies" coastal trip before moving on.

i found us a little affordable motel in fort bragg with a kitchen. the curtains made the place!

the bathroom curtains were even better! embroidered!

one of the things i love about the coast are all the flowers. the geraniums outside our room were gorgeous!

a visit to fort bragg is never complete unless breakfast has been had at "eggheads." yum!

then a call for glass beach is a must! from a distance it looks like a regular beach. but it's actually an old dump site(three dumps liam has informed me!)

closer observation reveals a beach full of treasures-sea glass!

much of it is sea glass-not rocks. here's a closer look:

you can spend hours finding all sorts of things-not just sea glass. stone fruit pits that have been polished by the waves are a special find. lots of shoe heels and pottery and car parts too!

rhodi and i had great fun before leaving town-checking out antique stores, galleries, thrift stores(i totally scored!!!) a road side flea market, but the best of all was a stop at "pippi longstockings."

now listen folks i NEVER EVER EVER buy myself nice socks-in fact besides my few pairs of hand knit socks i have absolutely the suckiest socks around. since the fair went well, i indulged in some wonderfully awesome, soft, squishy, orgasmic merino socks-some even had cashmere.....i wish i had pics to show you- but i really need to finish this post so i thought i would just post a picture every now and then to tantalize make sure the next time you are in fort bragg you stop by and support this store. the owner is the sweetest! and the selection amazing!!!

well-the rain is pattering and the night is getting older and i'm getting sleepier-i leave you with this wonderful statue in mendocino-you could see it from all over town!


Birdsong said...

I love Fort Bragg... Glenn's parents live over there, but I still only get to visit once or twice a year. Great photos of places that make me nostalgic, esp. Glass Beach. I would have loved your motel too! Next visit, Pippi Longstockings is definitely on my list!

soxchik said...

No red soda? Humph!! The room looks so cute and quaint. I would have brought in red soda just because I was told I couldn't!!

wooly daisy said...

i was very tired when doing the post an forgot to mention the long list of motel rules!!!! no red soda!!!!!

Sharon said...

Nice. Pretty and blue. Where's the snow???