Tuesday, December 1, 2009

debut for washboard woolies

"washboard woolies" made it's debut at the 50th annual thanksgiving mendocino arts/crafts fair this past weekend. rhodie and i left thanksgiving day and made great time. normally a 5 hour drive only took a little over 4 hours. the recreation center was a great venue-the building was an old school shaped like a big 'V." i wish i'd taken more pics of it. it had amazing windows-lots of light.
we got set up thursday night and were all ready to go saturday morning.

you can see my spinning wheel in the lower left corner. we spun all weekend to the delight of the shoppers. it amazes me how many people have never seen a spinning wheel in action. the best thing we heard was-a woman telling her child that our wheels were "yarn machines." we had visions of strange H. G. Wells contraptions.

the above dresser was painted by rhodie's great aunt chiquita years ago and added a special touch to our booth. i forgot the old washboards at home-damn!

here's some close ups:

we had a wonderful time and wish to thank all who came and supported the artists and craftsters. it was reviving to get away and go to the ocean-i did forget my coat. luckily rhodi had extra woolies. the wind was fierce at times. gotta love mendocino!


soxchik said...

I am just loving your booth! I am also quite smitten with Rhodie's painted dresser. Did people try to buy that as well?

Sharon said...

I hope you had great success. Your display was certainly asking for it.

magnusmog said...

it looked wonderful!