Sunday, December 27, 2009

all is merry!

Well, the holidays are are almost over. i'm always a bit relieved once xmas passes. We had a very nice holiday-simple, quiet and peaceful. only a tiny bit of teenaged angst but we won't go into that.

I am spending the rest of school break trying to finish up holiday knitting projects-ugh! i'm such a procrastinator!!! here's the immediate family gifts:

green heavy duty boot socks for hubby, black fingerless mittens for carey(this pattern is driving me nuts!!!! if anyone has done ysolda's garter stitch mitts with success please contact me asap before i run screaming into the forest!) the little wine cork elf sporting the hand knit outfit is for raena my little bonus daughter next door! i actually finished liam's felted boots(slippers) and they FIT! some of you may remember last years slipper tragedy. this year i used lopi icelandic yarn and they sure resembled Sasquatch feet after felting.

i had to give them a hair cut. when i finished cutting i really wanted to needle felt some cool designs on them but liam is my plain and simple guy-no way was that going to be pleasing to him! here's a closer look. note-please ignore messy house.

On solstice we made deviled eggs out of the little banty eggs-they were too cute! note the awesome plate i got for a buck at my favorite junk shop!

in all the busyness of the holidays i forgot to show you the awesome bag i bought myself at the mendocino craft fair. marzel makes these awesome totes from old feed bags!!!! is that not an awesome bag? it's my new knitting bag!

on the garden front: despite all the crazy weather-the bok choy did not freeze and my two kale varieties are thriving.

the garlic is growing.

and liam's italian parsley came back to life.

i leave you with a sky picture liam took. till next time...........


soxchik said...

I love how the lopi felted into sasquatch (a beast after my heart), they came out so funny. I just joined the Team Sasquatch Ravelympics team. Also love the chicken tote and the kornisse elf. I have a giant ziplock with corks waiting for me to get off my fanny and make some cork folk. It is embarrassing how much wine Soxy consumes over time. Great show and tell Steph!

Sharon said...

You have growing stuff already. I'm ready to say goodbye to snow. It snowed again this morning. Cool Christmas knitting, especially the felted boots~