Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Samhain!

Last night was a fabulous treat or treat fest! Trick or treating in our little town is always special. like the ole days. Liam dressed up as Judge Van Cleef-a poker playing judge from the 1800's.

here's part of our motley crew:

Birdsong's house is always the best-how's this for spookiness:

i dressed as a crazed zombie knitter. while getting ready i realized i don't own a stitch of make- up. how could i make my face zombie-esque? i can tell you what doesn't work- face cream and a dusting of flour-definitely does not work. burnt wood chips from the burn pile didn't work either. what a dilemma i was in-no stores for face paint or make up. i had to make do- oil pastels from the art box! at least i could put on some stitches-

red modeling paint on my knitting needles worked great!

can you see the blood tipped needles? should have done a close up. oh well. Liam brought in a haul- jeez we only eat this stuff once a year. some houses gave out full size candy bars! and one even gave fancy italian truffles-wow!

check out the baby ruth bar-i totally snagged it. i can't remember the last time i had a baby ruth bar. all this candy brings back memories. liam got a huge score of kit kats. did you know the Japanese are REALLY into kit kats and they have tons of different and unique flavors.

i leave you with a fabulous image......the book in the buggy is "rosemary's baby"


Luci said...

Great costume! I think I have the same stripy socks, which I also wore yesterday!

Happy All Saint's Day! (geesh, who says that anymore?)

soxchik said...

Yum, there's a Yokohama 1859 version of Kit Kat!!! Totally crazy for their kit kats. I love the photo of the girl on the right giving you the weird neighbor look. I think you may have nailed the mad knitter costume.

Sharon said...

Halloween is the universal "fun" holiday. Everyone gets to be silly and get treats for it. I'm sure All Saints would smile.