Saturday, November 7, 2009

cute vs. Eeyore

this morning i had about 5 minutes to read some blogs-never enough time to read them all. i managed to catch up on birdsong's blog and the picture of her new granddaughter was just too cute! then i traveled to scotland to check on magnusmog. she also had cuteness all over her blog with a photo of a wood mouse. i'm sure other blogs were full of cuteness as well but i only had time to read these two.

as i started stressing and focusing on everything that isn't going very well right now-i felt myself slipping into the dark land of "Eeyore!" i pulled myself together and decided to focus on"cute." cute makes people smile. cute makes people feel warm and fuzzy. everyone needs a dose of cute now and then. so i'm going to try my luck at 'cute'.

acorns to me- are really cute. i've posted many pics of acorns so i won't bore you with more- but check out what i got on etsy. actually soxchik turned me on to these cuties and i HAD to have them....

they are hand blown glass with real acorn tops-and they are tiny! cute huh? i think so. if you need a pair as well- go here.

blue was cute today. he actually sat with kitsie on the outside couch without attacking her.

now here is some real cuteness- remember blue as a puppy?-the cutest of all puppies ever!

check out these oh so cute baby booties knit from rowan felted tweed. NO! i am not pregnant- at 46 yrs of age with a "fixed" husband-this would not be cute!

instead-i've been wicked busy dyeing wool and yarn and knitting things for our upcoming show. sorry no pics of the other stuff-yet. i do hope to photograph later.

how's that for cute? that's all i have for cuteness today-it did make me feel better to focus on that instead of whining. i did want to quickly update you on the banty bungalow-i did finally finish the nesting boxes and even painted them before yesterday's rain!

the bantums are very excited about this and are laying in them instead of the floor.

on a completely different note-our family loves the "film noir" genre of movies and last night we watched a great one. "gun crazy!"

need to go play "clue" with the family- don't forget to add a bit of "cute" to your day.


Sharon said...

Love the acorn earrings and would spring for them, but I have too many pairs already. Cute Blue pix. I finally - finally had Ian watch Blue's destruction video today. I'm so sorry for your yarn, but he laughed as hard as I did. Maybe it's because a dragon of our own~

Carolyn Crane said...

That is so cool that you made those Bantam boxes and they love them. That must feel great. Also, yeah, those acorn earrings!! They're lovely!

soxchik said...

I'm feeling your pain. I had my share of 'woe is me' eeyore moments this week. I hope it passes.