Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fungi & pie

first of all- i need to share with you a card i received in the mail! a real card-made of card stock paper-with a real stamp on it!!! it sure made my day. thanks milissa!!! the card even had a real handwritten letter in it! how wonderful-so much better than an email or electronic card. in my younger days-letter writing was a favorite past time for me. i think i just might have to revive this old favorite pastime of mine. yes! here's the card-grand isn't it?

i also got a bundle of postcards to share in the mail for our holiday craft/art fair in mendocino.

i'm too busy right now to be blogging as i have much to do to get ready as for the show. so the rest of the post is more of a photo essay of what's going on here -besides all the fibery goodness.

view from the front porch. we've been mushroom hunting lately. the recent gentle rains have brought them to the surface. lovely bolete:

here's more we saw on a walk:

it's been a long time since i've made homemade pie crust. gave it a shot-not too bad. made apple pie from our rogue wild apple tree that never gets watered.


soxchik said...

Fun fungi! Take a deep breath, you will do fine at your show. I am so excited for you and Rhodie!

Sharon said...

Great looking pie. I have four on my horizon and hope they look as lovely as yours.

Birdsong said...

That's cool that you managed to get some mushroom hunting in! Miss hanging out and spinning or knitting but will have to drop by and see your pile of finished goods for the crafts fair early in the week!

Jeanne said...

Wow, that card is awesome, the mushrooms are amazing, and the pie looks super-yummy! Good luck at the show!

Anonymous said...