Sunday, August 16, 2009

fire update

thanks for all the fire concern. the fire is close but we are not in danger at the moment-let's hope the wind remains quiet. last night hubby and i went to town on a date- i took these pics on the

this morning a big DC-10 tanker circled over our house for about 30 minutes. liam got some shots.

the fire is about 15 miles away-the winds are picking up which is a total bummer-blowing smoke our way. liam took a photo of our view this morning.
this is our view now-can't even be outside the smoke is too much!

updates at yubanet.


soxchik said...

I am so glad you're safe, so far. When we lived in Marin we used to watch the helicopters fill giant sacks of water from the bay to put out wild fires. So scary. The drought is wicked nasty.

Beryl Moody said...

Like living in a war zone. Hope the smoke remains clear enough for the aircraft to get in to drop their retardant today. Thinking of all of you that live close to the fire.