Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cool foods for hot days!

i am no longer living the zombie life-i'm happy to say that teadog finally got one of my drugs of choice back in stock!!! and not a moment too soon-i'm sorry but what's with that stuff they call tea and tastes like warm wet bandages? now this is a cup o tea!!!

despite the fire we are going about life as usual. saturday we attended our local gardeners' market(eat your zip code!) i wanted cucumbers for lacto/fermented pickles and tomatoes for gazpacho as mine are not ripening!!! we spent $20 on cantaloupe, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and corn that tastes like corn. probably more but my memory fails. forgot to take a picture of the score! the boys picked a bit and were dubbed the "corn pickers." hubby is trying to get liam over his shyness of playing in public.check out this beautiful eggplant-i didn't buy it as i'm the only one in the family that likes eggplant. i guess i could have made a huge batch of baba ganoush!

one of my favorite foods is lacto- fermented pickles-i can eat a jar in one sitting. that's not so good on the pocket book. after researching i found this recipe online-great blog for healthy recipes!!! thank you winnie!!!!!

started with cucumbers:

lots of garlic from our garden :)

the recipe is so ridiculously simple makes me wonder why raw lacto-fermented foods are so expensive in the stores. it's basically veggies and salt-you can add whey if you'd like-check out the recipe link for more info-winnie has kraut and kim chee recipes too!

i chose to buy the expensive 250 million year old himalayan salt over regular sea salt-just got a bit crazy with the thought of 250 million year old himalayan salt-i may not be able to climb those babies but ingesting something from there just seems magical to me.

nice huh? decided to try the wax beans i got at the market as well-thinking of trying beets next!!!

then i made some gazpacho(cold soup)- great for hot days. another ridiculously easy recipe-if you have a blender.

just throw in tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, parsley, garlic, bell pepper, onion, spicy peppers if you'd like, salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar-give it a whirl-yum!!


Sharon said...

Ah Steph, you're not going to get me to cook, but I can be a fan. I love the Liam and hubby shot. I loved Liam's song with the dragon at the river. Tell Liam he has a fan.

soxchik said...

Great produce! I am going to try some refrigerator pickles soon. You and Miss Four Chickens have been tempting me and taunting me with great food ideas all summer. Love the Polish teacup too (of courrse)!

magnusmog said...

That food looks so tempting!

Maia said...

My favorite kind of pickles! I am so excited to see this link! Thank you.

Jeanne said...

Nice! And that eggplant is incredible. Wow. Send pics to canningacrossamerica.com flickr pool of your canned goods. They are great!!