Sunday, June 7, 2009

life is a bowl of cherries.....NOT!

life has been a pyre in a gyre-too much to post about these days. did i mention it's cherry season? okay that is equivalent to hell in our household. for those of you who don't know-hubby works for an organic produce broker. these cute little bites of delectable bliss cause total caos in our home!!! cherries are well, quite a pain the arse......the wind will bruise them, the rain will crack them and they perish at the speed of light. madeline engelbreit was clueless!!!!

the rebel hen ranch report: we lost the second golden penciled hamburg chick-a few days after the first one. otherwise the rest of the chicks(all 16 0f them) seem quite healthy-except for the brief worry of mareks disease when a banty had leg problems-i think it was a case of slipped tendon though-as she is walking fine now after some vitamins. that was a big stress-as mareks could have wiped out my new flock. the chicks enjoy being being in the garden cage during the day-still to cold for them at nite. they are still losing their baby fluff and getting feathers-the awkward stage! can't wait for warm nights- i want my bathroom back!!!today we decided to get away instead of working at home as hubby had to leave again to the packing shed(remember-cherries) but we had a grand day despite of it all-a hike in the sierras- all 4 of us!!!! we actually pried carey away from his 17 year old self and made him come on a hike with OMG-the family!!! we had such a blast that liam and i have decided to return tomorrow and continue the fun.

now i'm not a very organized person and while i was making dinner tonight liam was very intensely occupied with making a list. afterwards he said, "mom, here's our schedule for tomorrow." it was quite the schedule. i feel the need to post it are there own person. he didn't get it from either of us: here it is-but he wrote it in cursive!!!!!

6:30am- wake up and get dressed
7:00am-start breakfast
7:15am-eat breakfast
7:30am-do morning chores
7:45am-leave(gee-he only gave us 15 minutes for this!!!!)
8:15am- reach downieville
8:30-8:45am-reach trail head in sierra city
11:15am-finish hike
11:30am- order lunch(red moose cafe)
12 noon-get lunch
12:30pm-finish lunch
12:30-1:30pm-random acts(this one cracked me up!)
2:00pm-reach downieville
2:30pm-second trail head
3:00pm-finish trail
4:30pm-reach home

jeeze! talk about pressure!! hope i can live up to it! hahahaha-where do these kids come from-really?


Anonymous said...

You be sure to stick to that schedule and have a great time!

Beryl Moody said...

Hope the hike is wonderful. Are you going to Haskell Peak?

soxchik said...

Have a great hike. Watch out for poison oak!!!!!!!

Birdsong said...

Wow! How did that all go for you?! I love the photo of the babies.

Sharon said...

Oh man, poison oak. It doesn't grow here and I had even forgotten about that menace. Love Liam's schedule - love the way kids become themselves, in spite of us.