Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fourth Annual World Wide Knit in Public Day

yesterday was world wide knit in public fiber guild was meeting at the farmers market in town to do their duty. i, on the other had another agenda. liam has been waiting eagerly for the annual dobbins vfd flea market. i had planned to knit there. but my god there was so many treasures to unearth i never had a chance! here's our score:

you might not be able to tell what some things are:-2 hard covered poetry books-emily dickinson and edgar allen poe, shelf brackets, brass fire extinguisher, tools, old matches, antique quilt, videos-the thin man, and "call of the wild"- with charsleton heston(ha! do you think he'll bare his chest in this one?) here's some close ups! antique rosaries from slovenia for my mom:

insulators for liam-50 cents a piece

after the flea market we headed to the hardware store for yet more chicken coop materials! damn i need to complete this project! later after lunch we decided to head to humbug days at malikoff diggins. that's where i decided to knit public!!! a celebration of the mining days. what a wonderful celebration! old time music, activities for kids-including candle making and even jump roping! i made camp at the stage to knit and listen to music-one of my old miner favorites "alkali" was there:

note the anderson family in the background up next-another local band. i settled in with my homebrew to knit in public and listen to music.

liam and hubby decided to explore and hike as liam hated the crowd(he's used to having the diggins to himself.) they were to return around closing time to get me(4:00pm)about that time i went looking for the spinners-but they had already left. i decided to take some pictures while waiting for the family to return. the drug store:

an interested building that called my name:

closer examination revealed- chicken coop-check out the nesting boxes!

and my favorite... my personal steph dream house.....just for me-i could live here.

meanwhile time ticks family. my overactive imagination kicks in once again and my mind is full of all sorts of scenarios- the clicking axle on the car finally broke and they are stranded somewhere, hubby slipped on the rocks(a common occurrence) and really hurt himself this time. liam desperately trying to find help, or they found an old mine shaft and fell in and they are stranded deep in the earth......the crowd had completely emptied by now and there were like 2 rangers left-it' 5 :30 and i was beginning to freak!

trying to remain calm-i told the ranger my predicament. they weren't much help. but i figured i could hang with the clampers who were camping there-they are always a lively and fun bunch. i always thought about starting a whole new chapter...E knita vitus. i mentioned that once at casey's place in allegany-they were not humored.

as usual-the boys showed up shortly after i began to weep slightly(okay-i had just started my period and was a wee bit sensitive-okay!) they were exploring a mining tunnel and hiking-they didn't think the sidewalks would roll up right at 4pm.

wanted to post a picture of an old door i found- i love old doors-wanted to steal it but my catholic upbringing keeps me inline-sometimes. the computer keeps rotating the picture on it's own accord-bizarre!!!! it's suppose to go the other way-tired of fiddling with it. but get the idea!

the funny thing was-while i was knitting during the event no one talked to me. but afterward-i moved my chair by the side of the dirt road and knitted waiting for the boys return and everyone was heading to their cars-many stopped and asked me what i was doing. i inspired a european knitter to knit a log cagin blanket as that was what i was working on. a young punked-out gurl excitedly approached me a told me she was starting high school in the fall. the school offered knitting as a class- she really wanted to take it but heard it was really hard-i encouraged her and told her she could do it-she beamed and told me she liked my nose ring. i felt real good!


Sharon said...

Oh, I do love Malikoff Diggins. Ian and I were there quite a few years ago and vowed to get back. I understand how Liam wouldn't want to share it - it's a solitary place. I first went when my daughter was a toddler before power lines, and people lived there in those Victorian homes with generators.

Birdsong said...

I love that little house, too... wow, you really found a LOT of good finds at the flea market. Now, I am really sorry I forgot about it; cancelled my crochet class because nobody was pre-registered but didn't need to be at the DV graduation until late in the day so coulda gone!

soxchik said...

What a great ghost town. I am double plus jealous.