Monday, October 8, 2007

the sky isn't falling -the ground is moving!

trying to get this out before liam and i hit the road tomorrow for a fieldtrip to point reyes national seashore. our homeschool group will be staying there at the youth hostel. always a fun time! we haven't been there in a few years it will be great to go back.

i did finish my fingerless mittens-sorry no pic. i will be bringing them along though! with a knitting project. after the kids all go to bed us moms try and stay up and knit and laugh-we are usually too loud-ha!

been doing some spinning-finally! the outside of my house has been warmer than the inside-i refuse to turn the heat on! never in september- and certainly not the begining of october-that's what all those nice warm woolies i've knitted are for-the family doesn't always agree. i like to see how long we can go. gotta conserve that propane. once the rain hits-mr. propane man does not like coming down our driveway. so i brought my wheel out on the porch to warm up.

i have lot's to report but alas-just to tired. we are leaving early in the a.m. will have to get bloggin when i get home. thanks to you dear hubby for taking care of the chickens for us!!!

i love autumn-and i love acorns!!-(except when i slip on them- as our property is slanted-no flat land here--i find myself cursing these beautiful bugers! when the acorns drop-so do i!!) but their colors never cease to amaze me.


Birdsong said...

Very nice place to spin on the last of the warm days! Have a fun trip.

Sharon said...

Wow, Steph. I'm trying to drill the colors of those acorns into my brain. They are spectacular and absolutely perfect. I wish those colors would hold until the next dye day.

soxchik said...

It's raining in Marin County. I hope your group is staying dry!!! Great weather for spinning and knitting by a fire!