Saturday, October 20, 2007

ocean serenity

i'm such an ocean gurl. our school trip to point reyes national seashore had a positive effect on my whole being- it always does. i know deep down -i will grow old on the coast-and return to my ancient biological roots.
this year we actually made it out to the lighthouse. how incredible it was! another one of my fantasy jobs is lighthouse keeper-in the old days. before the days of computers.
it was 308 steps down to the lighthouse. not so bad going down but going up-jeez! if i did that everyday what buns of steel i would have!!!
liam snapped this picture of this magnificent stud when we reached the bottom-he was hanging out on the side of the lighthouse on a very steep edge.
he kinda looks like an insurance commercial or something. sorry i don't have any pictures of the hostel but this one-it's a wonderful place to stay!!!! i miss it. very peaceful there. i found a coyote skull on one of my dark evening walks.
oops! sorry double picture-can't figure out how to delete it-gads! we always rent out the bunk house as it sleeps 20. it would be a great place for a fiber retreat! the hostel has a great kitchen where you cook your own meals. if you've never hosteled before it's a great way to travel and meet folks from around the world. we always do beach art when we hang at the ocean. liam and i made a tribute to the sea goddess:
lichen for dyeing anyone?the town of point reyes station is a must visit. yes, i could live here. i'm mean, they have chickens and roosters running around the town, organic greasy spoons and artisans-fiber artisans!

on our last day liam and i headed out alone to find the town of bolinas. we actually found it this time as locals take down signs to keep out of towners away! check out the border control!

on the way to bolinas we discovered "dogtown." dogtown is the place for me! check out the population. i even splurged and got me a dogtown t-shirt!--how touristy of me!bolinas was a bit more lively. but man gas is expensive there!

i found a great little artisan coop boutique that sells local artists work. and of course there was fiber artists too. and as all you true fiber addicts know-one can not just "look"-the temptation is just too much!!!!! so i came home with a handspun/handdyed skein of yarn that i did not need but wanted very much for a chunky pair of fingerless mittens!!!! happy colors to perk one up during the 6 months of rain ahead.
as you can see it's bit frayed already-it's merino-"luca brassi" tried to have her way with it-bad kitty! but i caught her just in time!


soxchik said...

OOOOOhhh! It looks like you had a great trip. Great inspiration from the beach. And I love the colors of the skein you scored.

Sharon said...

When we walked down the steps to the lighthouse, Ian was in the early stages of passing a kidney stone and couldn't figure out what was going on. Imagine - those steps and kidney stone pain! It's such a gorgeous place and I'm glad it's been preserved. Loved Liam's shot of the buck.

Birdsong said...

What wonderful photos... I want to visit Dogtown now. Looking forward to pics from the latest trip!