Thursday, May 2, 2013

one more for the pile

remember my "goals" post?  i had 3 goals for the year.  
1) learn to embroider
2) learn to crochet(for reals)
3) learn to to knit socks- the toe up way(sigh)

well, i forgot to add one-now that the year is almost half over-(holy crap how'd that happen?) i have done nothing in the goal tending department and now i have decided to add yet another goal to the pile.  why do i do this?

anyway- most of you can guess it-yes, it's quilting.  just simple basic quilting-nothing fancy.  time to dust off the old singer(yes, i still have the one i got for my 8th grade graduation-wonder if it's made it to "antique" status yet?  hahahhaha!  i crack myself up sometimes.   i've always loved old quilts and have a deep need and desire to make them.

so yesterday, i was in search of buttons to put on some hand knitted baby sweaters i have finished.  and low and behold most of our fabric shops are shut down.  except ben franklin and frankly (hahahah-there i go again) their buttons do nothing for me! i love our ben franklin but their button department needs some serious help! Humble fabrics and crafts is great but they didn't have the colors i needed.

so, i google the next big town-auburn.  no go.  out-o-luck.  i ended up at "the tin thimble" in loomis.  58 fricken miles from my house just to find buttons. but what a treasure trove this place is.  yes, i found my buttons and oh so much more.  i got some fabric for my very first quilt!  hooray for me:)  if you are ever in loomis you must stop by- it in an old historic fruit and veggie packing shed.  they have all tons of groovy stuff antique patterns, fiber for felting projects, antique buttons, fabrics, classes and much much more! website. and the employees are very helpful and friendly.  that's important to me.  be sure to check out their facebook page!

you see thay had this quilt hanging-made by one of the employees that never made a quilt before- i fell in love. it is blogged about it here.  please check it out.  i took the pic from their blog.

i love it that the corners don't quite match up perfectly and it puckers just a little-it's just so me!   i couldn't afford to get enough fabric for this size-so i'm starting out small for my first one.  here's my fabrics:

awesome, huh?  oh yes, and my buttons-the damn things i went in there for!

love my vintage buttons and they match perfectly for what i wanted them for. and yes, i bought a few more for future projects. (of course!)  i will keep you abreast on my quilting adventure. i know i must first wash may fabric. that will happen today!

oh!  almost forgot!  there's some antiquey type stores around there too.   look at this antique wire basket i got for for my craft fair booth displays.  great for holding my dyed yarns or rovings!!!

 enjoy the day- going to sew my buttons on:)

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