Saturday, November 29, 2008

live and learn

last tuesday our fiber guild had a tie dye party at the local library! we were dying our guild t-shirts. what a blast! i usually don't dye cotton-i'm a wooly gurl. we mixed our colors and folded and twirled. We then had to wait....something i'm not good at... till friday to rinse. here it is before i rinsed.
see the green-it was blue when i mixed it and poured it on.... the alchemy of the color mixing turned it green. here is the unveiling-drum roll's a close up.when i washed my shirt....a lot of the dye washed out. it's still beautiful-just lighter. but i'm excited to do more-like dye the family's grody socks...yes-they like to walk outside in their socks. that soil just doesn't come out.we did a mushroom hike yesterday and found over 35 different kinds. when we arrived at our local secret mushroom spot-where no one ever goes. two cars were leaving. and we noticed lots of spots where mushrooms had been harvested. i'm sure the were harvesting boletes! you can get a good price for boletes and matsutakes-which grow around here. i only found one bolete. i did find an interesting cluster-that looked like "jack-o-lantern"-which is poisonous. but the spore print did not match up. i'm perplexed. here's a picture:i've been getting ready for my annual craft faire at the north columbia school house this coming saturday. as usual.. procrastination happens. heavy sigh. oh well. live and learn. i seem to have trouble with the learning part. i have all these great ideas and i never get them done before the sale. later.


Sara said...

Steph! On my monitor, the colors in your washed t-shirt match the colors of the mushroom photo.

Lovely :).

(and I like the t-shirt colors/design :)

Birdsong said...

Hey, you got the pleated look you were aiming for! How did Rhodi's come out? I have to wash mine and see.... love the colors of the mushroom. Did you try dyeing wool with it?

Turbo: said...

I haven't tie-dyed since I was preggers with Moira and was tired of the white t's I was wearing. That was 9 years ago!

I tell ya, get me through the holiday season and I think you've given me a fab idea for the January blahs!!! Your pattern/design was awesome and even after rinsing, the soft hues lovely (and like Sara, it totally matched the 'shrooms!)


Jeanne said...

The shirt is great! Very fun! And thanks for your kind comments on my blog :).

soxchik said...

Your shirt came out terrific. You didn't eat any of the mushrooms, right?