Sunday, November 2, 2008

election eve!

wow! i'm so scared about this election. i can't even believe we vote tomorrow! gads-i hope i can sleep. i can't even discuss it. i'm wearing my shirt though!!!!!!

but i actually have a bit of fiber for you! i received some beautifully dyed targhee fiber from a fiber swap on ravelry. i love soft and spongy!

i finally got to spin it!!! yipee yahoo...eeee!

i'm happy to put something wooly on my site. i even started some holiday gifts!! but can't show pics!

now to Halloween-the boys had fun carving-as you can see "pilsner" really wanted to help too.carey went to a sleep over for a movie marathon night. liam dressed up as the ghost of Lester Allen Pelton. he's into local historical stuff. we went trick or treating and it was like the ole days. very small town fun. i dressed up as a coastal leprechaun-ess from belfast complete with a bull kelp shilaylee(spelling?) hubby was my husband! we ended up at the local watering hole where dancing and singing was had by all. birdsong dressed as a witch and her hubby were there too! been a long time since i've done that! fun!it's been raining for days-finally! this rain is gorgeous and wonderful to me.....i love rain. especially after not having any for months. things are turning green already. last thursday i finished the last of the chicken coop roofing right as the rain began...whew! a bit messy but it's finally done. that was close as it's been pouring! well, i'm feeling my energy being sucked into the machine. i need to get off and do some knitting!! get out and vote tomorrow!


Sharon said...

Yeah, I'm pretty nervous about this election myself. That Targhee looks wonderful and you did such a good job of making it into yarn - makes me wish I weren't trying to finish up something. It's been raining crazy here too.

I awarded you a Blue Ribbon on October 30th and then completely spaced telling you about it. I'm passing on the spirit of sharing blogs with bloggers. I so enjoy yours.

Birdsong said...

I feel the same, though about the propositions rather than the big one... actually looks like it's gonna happen. At least we will know soon, probably even before our CA polls are closed. I am crossing my fingers that Amy and Sharon's NV really turns out to be 'light blue'.

karen said...

wooooooo-hooooo!!! when i couldn't sleep from the post election excitement, i thought of you, fellow obama supporter...i'm thrilled and excited, proud of everybody. great yarn...i love how you spin, girl!... and the pumpkins from the last post cracked me up, thanks for all the great photos.

Gwen Buchanan said...

That Pumpkin carving looks familiar... Love it!!

So happy for the results of last night.. We all need positive hope for a change..

and I love your wool... beautiful spinning job!!!!.. fabulous!!!

Turbo: said...

Your family is "off the hook!" And I know I don't have to tell you, but I must!!! Just precious! I think I've got an election hangover today, even weeping now and then over the amazing change this country put in flight . . . it feels so good.