Tuesday, September 9, 2008

vulcans have arrived!

if only i could post more often-i wouldn't have all these lengthy posts with tons o pictures-sorry folks on dial up. i'll try and post more often. today was my lucky day! i won a contest. can you believe it? i won a contest over at jeanne's blog- 4 chickens. i'm tickled!!! and the prize is awesome-i get to pick a skein of hand dyed sock yarn at hazel knits!
i don't know how i'll ever be able to choose from all the awesome colors. like my son at a glass insulator show-torture. pure torture.

speaking of contests remember my mystery vacation photo contest? well- annemarie won! and she just sent me a picture of her yarn she spun from the roving i sent her. she turned this:into this:the skeins remind me of new mexico!!! i sure miss it.
-i love it! she's gonna make a warm wooly hat. send me pics when you are done annemarie!!

i've been digging up old projects and trying come to terms with my inability to complete projects. i found these dead solders in a box in my closet from years ago- socks i was knitting after our fiber guild had a natural dye workshop. all these colors-dyed from naturals dyes-what fun we had. indigo dying was intense- a bit too scientific for me. all the ph levels and stuff-whew! i really need to finish these cozy buggers!
this past weekend we had our rebel ridge volunteer fire department picnic and flea market to help raise money for our fire dept. as usual much fun was had. the toddler races were hysterical.i scored big time with a killer pair of redwing boots(feminine foot wear at it's finest) and some kind of pelt. seems like it was dyed to me but it is real.
i've been knitting a baby sweater out of my purple disaster yarn and it's turning out way cute. last minute kate here-trying to get ready for my holiday craft shows!!!!!gotta go-red alert! spock-i mean puppy in need of a run-later!


karen said...

ooooooh, great pictures! i love the socks you dug out to finish...wow, almost done. and, the toddler races make me wish i was closeby, all over again! your baby stuff always makes me want to knit more baby stuff myself, so cute. nearly as cute as blue, what a charmer he is...thanks for the update!

Birdsong said...

I love all the pictures! I am using a high speed computer though... usually I can't load anything fast enough and have fallen way behind in Blogland. Sigh. I feel like Blue... eager and impatient.

soxchik said...

Haaaa! He's got alien ears! How cool. By the way the UFO socks are lovely.

Sharon said...

Oh, your puppy boy is looking more and more like Buster. Aren't those dingo ears just crazy? That's how they read our minds.

Turbo: said...

Excellent pix! I love the idea of a toddler race for the firemen! I'll have to pass that along to my peeps here in CharVegas!

BTW, hedgehogs eat high quality cat food. Who knew? (Now I'm trying to keep the real Turbo out of Otis' lair and content with her plain ol' Meow Mix).HISSSSSSS

Turbo: said...

Only the 'wooly' daisies are awesome :-). Maybe there's a post there? Wanting to be some exotic bird of paradise and all the while just being a run-of-the-mill daisy...and I'm very comfortable with run-of-the-mill. The exotics screw with me head! Hmmm. You got me thinking, friend!