Monday, September 22, 2008

happy equinox!

HAPPY AUTUMN EQUINOX! i welcome and love fall. i am so NOT a summer person! the nights have cooled and i love, love, love needing blankets on the bed again. i actually wore a sweater this morning. i tried to keep in on all day but eventually the heat set in and i had to take it off or fry my brain. i so look forward to cozy rainy days!!!

well, so much for posting more often. life has been stressful, hectic and way over the speed limit lately. multi tasking has never been one of my strong points-(see past post about trying to dye and school at the same time.) unlike hubby who can drive, clip his nails, change the radio station and look at the passenger all while driving the curvy canyon road-no, for me i start multi tasking and things just start breaking.... like when i forget i've collected eggs and put them in my pocket instead of taking the time to bring them to the kitchen.
don-cha just hate it when that happens? i end up feeling like one of kitsie's little creatures that she tortures in the nite. this is the dog's water dish- is it a gift or a threat. remember her nick name is luca brasi from the god father.heavy sigh!!!!

weekend before last i missed our monthly spinning satuday as i took younger son and his best buddy to the downieville antique bottle and glass insulator show. but i get to make up for it this weekend as some of us are spinning at the celtic festival! i will also be able to sell some of my fiber goodies! the boys were a bit disappointed as the show was mainly bottles this year. but they did get some treasures. i was able to turn my collection of 2 into 4 insulators.hey soxchik-please note the ultra cool hand painted gnomes i scored also!!!! i know i know-try to contain yourself. my gnomes are smaller- but i need to get them all together for a group photo!! what a score!!!

remember the contest i won? here's the awesome sock yarn i received from hazelknits. it is so soft and the colors are of the olympic peninsula-way up yonder in the great state of washington. check her etsy shop out she has so much wonderful hand dyed yarn! thank you jeanne of 4 chickens for making my day! before i cut out tonight i wanted to mention the family did a wonderful high sierra hike this past weekend-our little equinox celebration-all together hiking to a little lake on donner summit. the last time we did it liam as in the sling and and we were hiking thru snow. i'm still looking for the old pictures. i love high sierra snags. they are so beautiful.i was able to gather some lichen for dyeing my wool.but i only gather once it has been blown off the trees as the lichen is very slow growing and an essential part of the ecosystem. i love the smell! this picture is faded-i'm talking effin bright chartruese!!!! almost blinding!!! i won't bore you with a barage of photos from the hike but i will leave you with a pic of a very tired puppy.yes, he has couch privileges-i know i know-don't say it!!!!


soxchik said...

Dippy Darla sleeps on our bed, so I won't kick your Blue boy off the sofa. By the way your new gnomes complement the insulators splendidly! Send some autumn vibes this way please.

Sharon said...

I am so with you on Autumn. It's the frosting on the year. You're an artist, Stef. Artists get to put eggs in their pockets. It's in the rules. Speaking of rules, it's in the rules that all your posts must have a puppy picture - mandatory.

karen said...

of COURSE he has couch of the family, and all! i mean.....of COURSE! love the photos, and wish i was there to join you at the celtic festival!

Turbo: said...

That was fabulous!!! I loved the egg bit, and the gift/threat. (To be in a cat's mind . . . )

I second your thrill for the cozies, putting extra blankets on the beds always makes me happy!!!!

Jeanne said...

Ooo, the yarn is really pretty. I'm so glad you like it!

I laughed so hard about the eggs--I do that, too!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Is that little pup ever growing!!! sorry about the gloppy pocket.. done that before!!!