Sunday, March 30, 2008

7th day

whew-what a week! at least the new potato patch got finished and planted!!!!!!

i'm a bit spacey. today marks the 7th day of my annual spring brown rice cleanse. i used to do it for two weeks. then it went down to 10 days. now, since having kids-it's only seven days. it's about all i can manage without killing everyone. you know- having to school and cook everyone meals. i never juice fast(i'm not that masochistic!)-my body just can't handle it but i do a brown rice cleanse- besides rice, i eat veggies and miso soup with lots of seaweed. tonight i made my last pot of rice-it's starting to make me gag. how did i ever do it for 2 weeks? i guess not having to cook for a family made a difference. tonight carey made dinner-homemade spaghetti sauce-the smell made me salivate-mmmm! i almost grabbed a handful of noodles and shoved them in my mouth-but i was so close to making the 7 seven days i restrained. here was lunch:this weekend we did what needed to be done since we moved in. the weather conditions were perfect-it had been very dry then it started raining late friday aternoon-all thru the night and into saturday. we had to burn a massive slash pile. not only was it an eyesore-it was a big fire hazard. but the less than intelligent guy(i'm trying to be nice here) whom we bought the property from logged the land and made huge monster machine slash piles of old dead manzanita-highly flammable and a hot burner! the egit pushed the pile right under a big live oak-can you say "duh?" how the hell can anyone burn this without lighting the whole damn forest on fire. hubby was able to drag some out with the truck-but even the guy with the big tractor that cleared our manzanita earlier couldn't budge the pile-manzanita locks together. we got brave-(i've been super paranoid about burning this pile) and we did it-armed with hoses, shovels, picks and hard rakes. yesterday:today:what a relief to have it finally done. we still have more piles but this was the worst! my body is so sore-tending these fires is very strenuous work. i thought i was sore after putting in potatoes. ha! then we decide to take a little hike today-which turned out to be up hill most of the way. it was gorgeous-very glad it was not a hot summer day though. see carey: i love this tree:liam took this shot from the top of the ridge:the hike was great except for trying to pee on the windy ridge-i managed to get pee all over myself and then i was pulling pine needles out of my butt all the way down-don't ask!

so now night has fallen and my body is really sore now.... my bed is calling. but! i wanted to share with you what i've been spinning. i'm going to a dye workshop this weekend taught by sara lamb. i really wanted to dye some yarn this time and not roving. but i've put myself on yarn restriction so i can't buy any new yarn. so i won't buy any undyed yarn-i have to make it. i have plenty of white roving so i've been spinning up a storm. this is the roving i got from 13 mile lamb & wool co. when me and the boys drove to idaho, wyoming and montana last summer. the ranch is in montana. i have a previous post about our visit. check out their solar powered mill! the sheep are raised organically and they follow predator-friendly guide lines. they also use natural dyes for their yarns. i was a bit bummed when the tag on this roving said- lamb w625. i mean couldn't the lamb have a cute name like buttercup or clover?here's lamb w625 being spun:


soxchik said...

Ewwwww! Well at least you're squeaky clean now. By the way, the fiber looks beautiful.

Sharon said...

Nice post - I enjoyed catching up with you. Allison and I can't get over for the dye day this year, and we do know what we're missing. You have my sympathies with those fuel rich slash piles - like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Birdsong said...

wow, I am so excited you were able to get the pile burned! I just don't like rice enough for that and will stick with a day of juice now and then! I am a tiny bit envious that you will be going to dye day while I didn't sign up in time (nor did I have anything available to dye). The new spinning looks very lovely.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i have about 2 lbs of undyed roving, and you have inspired me to spin it up without dying it first! yay!