Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's the little things.........

.........that help you thru life.

i missed spinning saturday as i was "moonie cramping monster" and didn't want to go in public. i had good intentions-birdsong and i had plans to drive together as she never has a saturday off. i had to cancel.

on her way into town she dropped this by my house-totally made my day.and then later my little neighbor morgan(turning 12 this april) bought this for me at an estate sale.too cute eh?

i finally finished the commissioned vest for finn. yea!i don't think i will finish my st. paddy's day shawl in time-oh well. here it is so far.my afghan dilemma has taken a turn-i made a total of 6 4X4 squares-not gonna happen. too many ends to sew in. what was i thinking??? so i thought i would try to make a bigger square that is the size of 4 small squares. this just might work.i have been spinning some of the new fiber i got at stitches-lovin this colorway. what to make with it-or shall i sell it? dilemma.
i'll leave you with another stitches score- nature's palette-a naturally dyed merino yarn-i bought for a beautiful lace shawl. the color name is "odd duck" fits me perfect. i bought the last of it. the fiber artist is dying no more of it. it's a beautiful blue with green spots in it. thank you all for the little things in life-a letter, an email, a thought, a small gift or just being there for me. thank you thank you thank you-you are so special to me.


Karen said...

i can't believe somebody stole my idea for lip balm! wow, isn't it great to have such wonderful friends who know how to make your day? i love the new handspun, mmm, mmm, mmm, you are making me want to learn to spin, or at least get on with my knitting projects a little quicker. the colors are amazing, and i know they are even better off screen, from experience! i'm afraid i probably would have a hard time tackling all those ends in the afghan, too. the larger square seems like a much better idea, that is for sure!

soxchik said...

Odd Duck indeed! Nice poopy balm too.

Maia said...

That lip balm cracks me up! Love the banjo and handspun too!