Saturday, December 1, 2007


today my younger son liam and i had a great day traveling one hour to the auburn glass insulator and bottle show. liam collects glass insulators. most people look at me totally confused when i tell them this. they don't know what they are. they are the cool glass thingees on old power, phone and telegraph lines. here's a pic i took at the show today to give you an idea:

we had a great time and liam got a bunch of freebies. the old collectors love when kids are interested. i'll try and post later what we scored. i collect swanky swigs. they are glasses from the 40's and 50's the old processed cheese containers that are cool little drinking glasses when you are done with the cheese-that good ole pomento cheese spread. i scored a deal -will show you pics later.

anyway-tomorrow i will be a the north columbia school house holiday craft faire-selling my wares-hand spun yarn, hand dyed rovings and hand knit items. it's a wonderful venue. check it out:i'm excited and hope to make some holiday funds. oh i almost forgot. i never spend time in auburn and today after the insulator show we decided to hit old town auburn-another gold country historic town. not only did we find antique stores but a new brew pub-yes!!!! it was awesome-good tasty beer and awesome food. i had a double IPA that was to die for. it's called the auburn ale house. so nice to not have to drive all the way to sacramento to hit a brew pub.
have a great weekend!

5 comments: said...

Where is that school? Not that I could have come. I'm hosting a birthday party for my sister today - in Sonora.

Sharon said...

At first glance, I thought you had been in North Bloomfield. Just the same, it's great to see these pieces of the past preserved. i'm a fan of anything glass, thumbs up to Liam. I don't collect anything so am here to applaud.

rainy said...

It was great to see you today at the Schoolhouse - your stuff is really beautiful and I admire the care you take in the whole process of your creations. I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff on Etsy when you update that site (I didn't have any cash on hand today...). Also great to see your blog here - hooray for beer, banjos and chickens!

Best wishes,

MX said...

Oh how I wish I could have joined you, what fun!

Birdsong said...

I sure hope you did well at the schoolhouse; at least I love my roving, and quickly plied yarns to free up a bobbin so I could start spinning some of it! We will get Liam over to get some more freebies later this week, when you are back.