Tuesday, December 4, 2007

holiday craft faire

well, i did pretty good at the craft faire despite the small crowd. this craft faire is a wonderful venue in an old one room schoolhouse-called the north columbia schoolhouse.( see previous post for a picture.) i believe it is technically considered nevada city but it seems more like north san juan-it is on the "ridge" as in "the ridge." folks around here know what that means and where that is. i live on a different "ridge" i live on "rebel ridge." lot's of "ridges" around here. wow! i'm tired-i'm rambling.

anyway, i always forget to get pictures of my booth. so here are a couple-about 1/2 way thru the day. my favorite baby sweater sold-so it's not in these pictures.

i had fun trading at the end of the day too-i got some handmade soap, a water color of the yuba river and the cutest bunny fairy for my neighbor raena-she's 7.(my boys don't like cute girly things-ha!) wish i could post pics of those too but i'm not at home. birdsong came a got one of my favorite rovings. can't wait to see what she makes with it. well i'm plum tuckered out and this computer screen is doing some major eye burn so i'm gonna be unplugged for the rest of the night.


MX said...

Girlfriend, you had a lot of inventory there! You must have worked yourself silly to produce all those beautiful things, sheez.

Wish I could have been there!

Sharon said...

Oh so nice, and congralations on your sales. Ian and I bought a Yuba River water color a number of years ago, and I do so love how it captures the unique color patterns of the river.

Birdsong said...

I love the photos of your booth, and just noticed that cool rooster tablecloth. I think there was so much crowded into a small space that I missed it while there in person! Or maybe I was just dazzled by the roving!