Thursday, July 10, 2014

dreams do come true

as most of you know by now, i got my dream bike in my beloved and most coveted persimmon colorway.  it was quite the ordeal!  even before i raised all my money with my "will knit for dream bike" campaign through the go fund me crowdfunding site, my local bike shop, Tour of Nevada City said they'd order it for me as it can take awhile sometimes.  much to my horror Juliana Bikes was sold out in persimmon and did not know if they were getting more in.

all the positive persimmon vibes you all put out there for me worked as i was able to purchase the very same bike i demoed as Juliana was removing some models from the demo fleet to make rooms for the new 2015 bikes. they knew how badly i wanted this bike! my bike was literally the very last Juliana origin primiero in persimmon available!  

i want to thank everyone for your positive vibes, money donations and to go fund me for having such an awesome website to help me raise the funds! i also want to thank my local bike shop TONC for all their efforts in trying to get me my dream bike!

i hope to do a fun photo shoot soon but here's a few pictures!  meet Vivian- she's the personification of an old fashioned  southern Iowa farm gurl.  Big and strong yet graceful and feminine in her calico farm dress and apron-  ready for any challenge or adventure! check out them 29 inch wagon wheels!  Vivian was comes from the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from Latin vivus "alive" or "lively."  perfectly suited!  yet names evolve, so we'll see if it morphs.  like our dog blue.  i call him booge(soft sounding g)

keep the rubber side down!


weavinfool said...

Wah hoo! Enjoy.

When I saw her the name Clementine came to me.

woolydaisy said...

Thanks! Lindsey! Woot!