Friday, July 12, 2013

total groupie

Some of you may not know this, but in the fiber community there are rock stars.  Yes, you heard me- rock stars!  Right now one of the popular young rock stars happens to be Stephen West.  He's one hot knit designer I tell you.  He recently taught some classes in Oakland at "a verb for keeping warm."  One of my favorite yarn shops!  Don't get there often since its about 3 hours away. 

My friend Rowen happened to be taking one of his classes and I wasn't doing anything that day so what the heck, I decided to go along for the ride.  (yes, I'm a Stephen groupie and I just HAD to meet him).  

cruisin down 80-saw a woop ass truck.

"git-r-done boys!"  that's what it says in the back.

  We had a great drive, full of laughs, a bizarre gasoline stop. (we're not in Kansas anymore) hey at least the gas was cheap here.

 We were starving when we arrived at "verb" so we went next door to the actual cafe.  they have a great place to put your bike while enjoying their fabulous food.

  We went back to "verb" to browse before Rowen's class started. Peeking in the window we got our first glimpse of Stephen! yes, that deserves a "squee" or a "woot!"

 Fabrics galore has been added to the shop! 

"Danger. danger Will Robinson.  this could get dangerous.   Back away from the fabric."

 Rowen got her hands on some cool stuff!

While looking at the fabric, I peered out the back window and yes, I had my 2nd Stephen West sighting.

The back of his head no doubt and he was just knitting away fast as lightning on the back patio.  Almost expected him to be drinking some sweet tea or something along that line.

Fell in love with this Rockefeller shawl color way.  Yes, this is one of Stephen's designs.  Rad huh?  love the romantic subtle hues.  unfortunately they were out of those 2 colors.  going to have to put a special order in!  looks even better in real life!

Rowen went to class and I shopped.  Oodles of good stuff to be had there.  I also met up with an old friend from Minneapolis and we went back to the actual cafe for the best fresh squeezed lemonade ever!  So great to visit with you Tom! Damn.  We forgot pictures!

Back to verb for more browsing as I waited for Rowen to be finished with class.  Snapped a ghostly pic of Stephen thru the window teaching. 

the moment of truth..... i got to meet Stephen!  it's a bit scary to meet someone you really admire.  as you build these expectations of them and what if they don't add up?  what if they are totally stuck up and full of themselves?  but by god he was as friendly and genuine as they come.  a wonderful person indeed-full of gratitude and easy to talk to.  

MOG!  i think we're related.  we were both going to have each others names if we were born the opposite sex.  coincidence?  i think not.  i'm sporting his thendara shawl. love love love this shawl! plan on making this for hubby.  he actually agreed to a man shawl!  im such a geek i asked him for his autograph.  he signed my westknits book 3.

okay enough gushing.  get on with it.  you may be wondering what i came home with.  most of you know my stitches west shopping spree was cut short in february due to my son breaking his ankle.  i considered this a "mini stitches" make up.

the yarn is quince and Co.  in bird's egg and twig colorways- i already have shawl patterns picked out. this yarn is fabulous and the wool is raised in the U.S.-love that! i also purchased a pattern for an everyday cardigan by Hannah Fetig.  she's another rock star!  a yard of the cutest fabric ever and a verb t-shirt complete the score.  oh happy day!

getting late we had to say goodbye.  stephen was on his way to the Philippines as he is helping with the ricefield collective.  check out their blog as well.  great to see knitting and people helping others!

dinner at Arizmendi. a worker owned cooperative since 1997.  pizza and bakery.  i'm not a huge pizza fan but Arizmendi was the best pizza ever and i could eat it all the time!   

heading home the sun was blaring in our eyes and siri forgot to mention an exit and the next thing we know we are in the bus only lane(with a cop aleady pulling a nonbus vehicle over)  heading NOT towards sacramento but the big san francisco!  hello city.  OOPS!

we ended up on frickin treasure island.  never been there before.  nice place for a turn around though!

we got home late but it was worth it!  i will soon be off to another fun fiber filled adventured.  stay tuned!


Birdsong said...

Great pictures of your trip... we need to go to Verb together again in the fall.

woolydaisy said...

Birdsong, yes, that would be a fun field trip!

Sharon said...

What a fun trip. I really like the cardi pattern - a lot!

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天兵E 廖 said...
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