Friday, May 18, 2012

mini post

a few weekends ago the boys ventured out and rode the north yuba trail. i am still unable to ride- back issues suck! but i made a little hang out spot at rocky rest and knit the time away!

had the whole beach to myself!! note: no longer a Luddite-my knitting pattern is saved on an apple device. yes, it's true. i've been applefied. here's my view while sitting on my blanket.

i worked on one of my UFOs(unfinished object). handspun socks. the pattern is so simple. i love this pattern-check it out! it's free!!!

that's all for now- just a mini post- not feeling like posting much more. maybe later. ciao.


CC said...

I'm glad to see you finding the silver lining and making art in it. I am sorry you are having back issues. I truly empathize. A year of shoulder issues just healed, and I'm finally out in the garden full force. Until today, hiking at the river, took a bad fall. Shoulders are fine, thank goodness, but bruised and cut up. Is this why people start complaining about getting old? Anyway, my point is that even if it is one thing after another, we know we have to keep trying because it's what keeps us from really getting old. I hope your MRI goes well and you get some direction/encouragement for healing. You can get there and be back on your bike, and I'll be back on the trail, too. :)

Birdsong said...

Such a nice knitting spot! Glad you will soon have more info about your back.

soxchik said...

Sorry about the back issues. I understand and have had my share of aches and freaky rashes. But... on a positive note, welcome to the apple cult. Enjoy all of the amazing things you can do with that gizmo!!!

Sharon said...

I had lunch with a friend today and back issues came up - they suck! I so do love that photo of the Yuba. It's an extraordinary river - lucky you.