Wednesday, February 22, 2012


OMG! or MOG!!!!! as i like to say now!!! MOG MOG MOG!!!! today is the day i pack and get ready for my annual pilgrimage to stitches west. the "mecca"(thanks bsue!) of all things wooly and fibery!!!!! i feel a bit angst. been dealing with major back issues lately-sitting in a car is the worst for it- will my back hold out thru the 4 hour car trip to get there?? damn!!! i also feel a cold coming-shit!!!!! my buddie rhodi may not come with me- you mean i might have to drive to the city all by my lonesome???????????????????? i do NOT freeway drive well. major anxiety. give me a curvy mountain road anyday-. sigh! heavy sigh!!!!!! not to mention- she's a great source of entertainment as well-stitches would not be the same without her!

I'm on a very tight budget this year. stitches is very dangerous for the bank account- extrememly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fiber is my drug of choice these days! and then there's the fact of my serious stash- how much more fiber do i really need? need? want! need? want! need? want! will i be able to use self control? that reminds me- gotta start rolling my coins!

here's a list of merhants i just can't miss!!!

* becoming art- i so regret not getting some of her roving last year!!!

*a verb for keeping warm- has some new colorways!!!! and they are sharing a booth with the fabulous designer "romi"

* can't miss judy's -affordable rovings. and judy is always ready with a good joke!

*Tess' yarn- gotta go see how tess' boobs are holding up and to check out what kind of shoes she's wearing-her shoes amaze me. MOG! did i just say that????

*miss babbs- stitches is never complete without a stop at miss babbs!

*chicken boots- with a name like that-who can resist?

*lisa souza- local dyer extraordinaire!

*coco knits- love her designs!!

*jimmy beans-deals galore

*webs- more deals galore!

*western sky knits- new booth from montana- i love anything from montana!

*ysolda- do i tell her of my angst and frustration when i tried to knit her pixie hood? or do i just bow down and kiss her rock star feet?

*pigeon roof studios/ girl on the rocks- COLOR!!!!!

and of course we'll be on the look out for a wondermike siting!!!!

well- i better get off me arse and get ready- i have granola to make and bread to bake-you don't think we waste precious fiber money on eating out do you????

if you've never been to stitches you can check out last year's blog post about our fiber trash girl adventures- you'll get it! click here and here!


magnusmog said...

hope you have a wonderful time!

Lisawhite said...

Nice blog and great post!And very pretty photos!I love that!