Friday, June 17, 2011

bluegrass camp2011

liam and i just go back from bluegrass camp-at the grass valley fairgrounds. here's was our cozy home away from home.

what a fabulous time. liam took mandolin with john reischman. he really enjoyed it. i took beginner clawhammer banjo with wayne erbsen. i was very frustrated with my class as it was suppose to be clawhammer from scratch for total beginners-i was overwhelmed and felt like a total----better not use that word-i don't think it's politically anymore. but i still got a lot out of it. i'm really inspired to practice and i want to get my fiddle in working order and start playing old time fiddle.

the really cool thing about bluegrass camp is there are people just jamming everywhere! here's liam with friend thomas jamming a bit.

every morning we had our 3 hour intensive class. then all afternoon and into the night there are elective classes that just rocked. in fact it was really hard to pick which one to go to. i took contra dance, clogging, old time banjo-accompaniment for singing with debby McClatchy, another beginner clawhammer class by ivan rosenberg. jamming 101 with sid lewis was a hoot! very funny guy. by the end of the day we were pooped. i got about 10 minutes of knitting done the whole time we were there-and i thought i'd get a pair of socks finished-ha!

i want to give a big thanks to hubby who took care of the homestead while we were gone!

i leave you with a jam video of liam, thomas and his friends playing cluck ole hen.


Birdsong said...

I am soo glad you got to go! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Beryl Moody said...

Love the video clip of Liam jamming. Pretty good sound coming from the group.

kylethomas275 said...

I absolutely love music and would love to learn to play the banjo! As interesting as it would be to go to a bluegrass camp, I highly doubt there will be any near where I live.

woolydaisy said...

hey kyle- where do you live? you'd be surprised. what style of banjo do you want to play? old-timey(clawhammer) or bluegrass. wayne erbsen has some great beginner books(for the complete ignoramus)on his site- native ground- see link on my post. you can learn a lot on youtube these days as well. good luck!

Sharon said...

Lucky Liam. The next Sam Bush??